Monday, March 27, 2006

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster: "Music Brothers is a Korean Flash game that begs to be compared to Dance Dance Revolution, but I'll dispense with that and just tell you what it's like: You guide a group of cute dancing blobs along a path of arrows. You progress by pressing the arrow key that matches the next arrow on the path. Each key you press plays a musical note and each level is a little song that you have to complete before your time runs out. If you press a wrong key you'll lose one of the blobs from your group, but you can gain more blobs or get other bonuses by pressing space bar when you encounter round faces on the path. The graphics are adorable, you have several choices of sound schemes when you begin the game, and overall the game is surprisingly challenging and addicting."

FF: "I love this game, its awesome"



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ozguitar67 said...

Wow! That's really amazing. It does look so cute and any game where you make music is fun. Thanks for sharing this!