Saturday, August 29, 2009

The new Nokia N900 comes with Maemo

Nokia Conversations: "The N900 has just leapt out of the depths and is primed to make a splash as Nokia’s debut Maemo device (sorry, couldn’t resist the fishy metaphor). In terms of where the N900 sits on Nokia’s newly broadened product spectrum – courtesy of this week’s introduction of the Booklet 3G – it bridges that wilderness between smartphone and compact laptop. The concept behind the N900 simply being that it enables you to experience a proper desktop-like experience in a pocket-size device.

We’ve gathered all the must-know details and snaps of Nokia’s first Linux-based Maemo handset. Click through to find out more and to see the N900 up close in our photo gallery.

We’re not ones to typically dwell on the numbers, but this is one of those devices where the hardware paints a true picture of its potential. The N900’s pocket computer credentials are validated when you peek into its engine room, which comprises of a powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor, with up to 1GB of application memory and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration. Combine all that horsepower with the new Linux-based Maemo 5 software, and the N900 enables you to multi-task as you would on a PC (the Maemo platform was first designed for computers) – this set-up means you can quickly flit between stacks of apps running simultaneously and smoothly.

This fusion of the Maemo 5 platform and significant processing power is brought to life through the now familiar combo of a high-res WVGA touchscreen and full physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It also stomachs 32GB of storage, expandable up to 48GB with a microSD card leg-up, and is home to a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Plus, other features include A-GPS, an FM transmitter, and up to 9 hours of talk time.

The N900 is geared up to let you browse the web as you would on a PC, with a browser based on Mozilla technology, meaning websites look exactly as they would appear on your desktop. Watching online video and enjoying online apps is also made possible thanks to full Adobe Flash 9.4 support. Couple this with speedy internet access, realized via HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, and the N900 promises to deliver the best pocket-friendly online experience to date.

If you fancy finding out more about Maemo on Nokia visit"

FF: "With Linux based new system Maemo, Mozilla-based browser technology and also with cellular connectivity, the Nokia N900 delivers a powerful mobile experience, I luv Nokia~~"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nokia introduces Booklet 3G 'mini laptop'

Engadget: "Nokia rocked the world this morning by introducing its spin on the laptop, called the Booklet 3G. If you're the rude sort (like us) you could call it a fancy netbook, what with its Atom processor and 10.1-inch display, but that screen is higher res than your average Eee, and it also sports integrated 3G wireless and a hot-swappable SIM card, so it's definitely trying to define its own niche. It looks to be running Windows 7, which isn't particularly netbooky, and also has integrated A-GPS with a copy of Ovi Maps, HDMI output, a rated 12 hour battery life, and the usual Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, all in a 2cm (.78 inch), 2.7lb aluminum body that's understated, sophisticated, and should make most Nokia fans very happy -- Nokia fans who are looking for a tiny laptop, anyway. There's a fancy promotional video on youtube, and while we don't have any anticipated release date or price just yet, we'll be learning more at Nokia World 09 on September 2, cya~~

FF: "Sweet, and good to see competition starting in this segment"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PlayStation 3 Slim unboxing and hands-on!

Engadget: "Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves, but Sony came a-knockin' at our door today, and we were more than willing to answer. The PlayStation 3 Slim is now official in-house, and it's a matte-laden beaut. Enough chitchat -- live vicariously through our unboxing and hands-on pic <click here>

120GB PS3 Slim
160GB PS3
80GB PS3
Product code CECH-2000A CECH-Pxx CECH-Kxx / CECH-Lxx
Price $299.99 $399.99 $299.99
Color Matte Black Piano Black (Glossy) Piano Black (Glossy)
HDD 120GB 2.5-inch SATA 160GB 2.5-inch SATA 80GB 2.5-inch SATA
Dimensions 11.42 x 2.56 x 11.42 in. 12.75 x 3.86 x 10.8 in. 12.75 x 3.86 x 10.8 in.
Weight 7.05 lb. 11 lb. 11 lb.
Power 250W 280W 280W
Vertical Stand Optional ($24) Not necessary Not necessary
Compatibility PSOne PSOne, Linux PSOne, Linux
PS2 compat? No No No
Bundle Wireless DualShock 3 controller Wireless DualShock 3 controller, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, PAIN downloadable game voucher Wireless DualShock 3 controller

FF: "STOP CALLING MY PS3 fatty, the new PS3 slim lost that luxury item look, mine look better, lol"