Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quake hits Asia with huge internet blackouts

Engadget: "If you've been wondering what's up with your MSN's friends in Hong Kong, here's what: a nasty earthquake near Taiwan disrupted all six major undersea fiber optic cables on Wednesday, and knocked out internet for nearly all of Asia, with victims including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and even Australia. Luckily, most services were restored quickly to backup systems, but exclusive business lines are still out, and could be hurting for weeks. According to Chunghwa Telecom of Taiwan, Taiwan's internet capacity is at "about 40 percent now," and the resultant loss of bandwidth is creating traffic jams aplenty in that series of tubes we know as the internet. Phone service, especially to the US, has also been disrupted, but luckily stock trading volumes were low over the holidays, so the financial impact of the outage shouldn't be too terrible. The damage to last night's 40-player raid, however, could prove irreparable."

FF: "They should include Satellite or Wireless to transmit data~"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A380 superjumbo lands in Hong Kong

A380 superjumbo lands in HK: "The Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft, has touched down for the first time in Hong Kong. The superjumbo landed at 12.25pm today on a technical route-proving flight from Toulouse, France.

Airport Authority Chief Executive Officer David Pang said the airport is among 10 key global airports to partake in this phase of the A380's type certification.

To ensure the airport meets the Civil Aviation Department's licensing requirements for the A380 and other Code-F aircraft, the authority has invested $100 million into facility enhancement. The improvements, completed earlier this year, included widening taxiways and upgrading parking stands. The changes enabled the airport to obtain an aerodrome license for A380 operation in July.

At the airport, the superjumbo will go through a series of facility trials, including parking at airbridges, connecting to fixed ground power and receiving pre-conditioned air. Ramp services like catering, line maintenance and aircraft refueling will also be tested during the plane's overnight stay."

FF: " "its huge~"

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Sony Walkman NW-S706F, NW-S705F, NW-S703F, NW-S605 and NW-S603

I4U News: "Sony introduces two lines of new Network Walkman portable music player in Japan.

The NW-S700F series features noise canceling technology and FM-Tuner. The noise canceling technology uses tiny microphones integrated on the outside of the earbuds. By sending out the noise in the opposite phase surrounding noise is reduced to 1/4 of its original level.

Both new series feature a color OLED display and a cool 50 hour battery life. The top model NW-S706F features 4GB of storage. (NW-S705 - 2GB, NW-S703F - 1GB, NW-S605 - 2GB and NW-S603 - 1GB).

The new Sony Walkman measure Width 87.2× height 27.4× depth 14.9mm. The Sony NW-S700F series starts shipping on October 21st. The NW-S600 goes on sale in November.

More details in this Sony press-release (Japanese). The crew of AkihabaraNews was attending the Sony press conference and published several photos and a video from the event. "

FF: " "High quality Player, with High-end Professional earbuds, a MUST BUY"

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Edison's Sweet Birthday

蘋果日報 Appledaily - 20061015: " Hong Kong's talented pop artist Edison Chen meet up with Vincy in Los Angeles and celebrate his 26th birthday...

FF: " hahaha, so sweet~ "

USB Hamster Wheel

USB Hamster Wheel - I Want One Of Those: "Do you sometimes feel that you're caught up in the rat race of the working world, and that you are chained to your desk and getting no-where fast? Well we've found the perfect way to lighten the load. Now we can't promise to take you out of the rat race but we can throw a hamster in there to mix it up a bit.

The USB Hamster Wheel is an utter delight. Plug it into your USB port, load the software from the CD provided and get typing. As you type, the hamster gets running, spinning the hamster wheel around in the process - the faster you type, the faster he runs. This demented rodent sent shrieks of laughter around the office when we tested it, and is the ultimate parody of modern society."

FF: " hahaha, mo liu... "

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nokia N95 - The perfect multimedia phone

Review: Nokia N95 (MobileBurn): "Nokia is really starting to up the ante in the race to build the perfect multimedia phone, or 'multimedia computer', as the company likes to call them. Their new N95, officially launched today at the Nokia Open Studio event in New York has a spec sheet that should make even the most die-hard pessimists drool a wee bit. The device looks much like the N80 slider that is currently on the market, but hidden inside that somewhat blocky shape is a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, a GPS receiver, and HSDPA 3G and WiFi 802.11b/g data support - to name but a few of the highlights. One noteable physical difference between the N95 and the N80 that it looks so much like is the N95's dual-direction slider mechanism, which exposes an extra row of hardware buttons for controlling multimedia playback.

The new auto-focus, 5 megapixel camera unit, Nokia's first, makes use of Carl Zeiss optics, just like the N93 and N90 do. Images and videos can be uploaded to a number of different photo gallery and blogging systems. Videos can be recorded at VGA resolution at 30fps, and can be recorded with digital image stabilization. A TV out function on the N95 let users enjoy their works of art on a larger screen, too. The N95 also supports MP3, AAC, M4A, and WMA music playback through its built-in stereo speakers or headphones attached to its 3.5mm headset jack. An FM radio is also included in the N95.

Another new trick for Nokia is the built-in GPS capabilities found in the N95. The N95 comes pre-loaded with a mapping application that covers over 100 countries worldwide. Viewing the maps should be a pleasant experience thanks to the large 2.6" QVGA (240x320) display that can show 16 million different color shades.

Perhaps most amazing, considering all of the new capabilities, is the fact that the N95 is a few millimeters thinner than the N80, and weighs 15g less - coming in at 120g total. All of this multimedia power should be available to consumers in Q1 of 2007 at a price of around 550EUR before taxes and network subsidies. Nokia USA says that the N95 will not be released in the United States, but that they will offer "something similar" with the same technologies in 2007 for the North American market."

FF: "Wow, AMAZING, wifi, GPS, Carl Zeiss optics etc... and its Nokia as well :P"

Nokia Updates N70 and N73 with New Music Editions

Nokia Updates N70 and N73 with New Music Editions (MobileBurn): "Amidst the excitement of Nokia announcing the new N75 and N95 smartphones, the company also refreshed its N73 and the aging N70, joining the N91 8GB in a new special edition music range of handsets.

Unlike the N91 8GB, which had its storage capacity doubled, the refreshed N70 and N73 have not received any significant hardware enhancements. Though sporting a fresh coat of black paint, the only additions to the handsets come in the bundled accessories.

The Nokia N73 Music Edition now comes packaged with a 2GB miniSD memory card, and the N70 Music Edition includes a 1GB RS-MMC card. Both handsets also come bundled with a Pop-Port to 3.5mm headset jack adapter, allowing the use of any third-party set of headphones. A dedicated music button now features on the handsets, where both once had a generic multimedia key.

'Music is an essential part of our daily lives and it has the power to evoke memories and change moods,' said Tommi Mustonen, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. 'With our new Nokia Nseries Music Range, we hope to enhance those personal experiences and make them even more special.'

The N70 and N73 Music Editions are set to be available during October 2006, with prices of 350 Euro (around US$445) and 450 Euro (around US$575) respectively."

FF: "Its looking gd, but I prefer bright colour"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Logitech MX Revolution

Logitech Experience > Advanced Peripherals > Logitech? MX? Revolution: "Logitech? MX? Revolution - World's most advanced mouse. - Smarter, faster, and fully loaded. Hyper-fast scrolling. Instant application switching. One-Touch? search. Turbo-charge your PC with the new MX? Revolution."

FF: "Logitech rocks"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A HK Girl Expelled From A Jet Because Of A Hangbag Civil Aviation: A HK Girl Expelled From A Jet Because Of A Hangbag: "On 7 Jul, flight CX504 from Hong Kong to Narita, a HK girl refuse to place her Gucci handbag under the seat. Due to safety, the pilots refuse to take off and annouce to the passenger that due to that passenger refuse to place the handbag under the seat, take-off will be delayed. And then, the Flgiht Attendants explained to that passenger it is a safety measure and she can hold her handbag after take off. And flight attendant also suggested that the flight attendant can help her to place the handbag to the overhead luggage shelf if she think the floor is dirty. But she refused because she think it is too high.

Eventually, the airline called police. That passenger left the flight. It causes the flight delay for more than one hour.

After that, that passenger posted the event on the Web to critise the airline and the HK male passengers not support her. However, many people on the Net critise that passenger.

P.S. Rumors say that passenger has already flied a complaint to Cathay. Hope to see how Cathay response such complaint."

FF: "what the fxxk... how come she not place her stupid bag under the seat?"

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Road Test: Maybach Excelero

Road Test: Maybach Excelero: "Developed jointly by Maybach and Fulda, the Excelero concept (based on the Maybach 57 chassis) was first introduced last year — powered by an impressive twin-turbo 5.9L V12 engine that generates 700hp. Video clip after the jump."

FF: " im in Love "

AMEX Butterfly Card

AMEX Butterfly Card: "At first glance, this looks like your standard AMEX gold card, but what sets this one apart is that it actually folds in half and can be stored inside a “svelte” metallic case. More information here."

FF: " Its Awesome "


Driv-e-mocion: "Driv-e-mocion is a nifty device that attaches to your rear window and can be programmed to display a variety of messages — in form of smiling/frowning faces or words"

FF: " I think it sud include a Swear Filter "

Winamp MP3 Player Concept

Winamp MP3 Player Concept: "A designer modeled this MP3 player concept after Winamp’s software interface. Unfortunately, no word yet on if this concept will go into production."

FF: " Classic "

Monday, June 19, 2006

USB teddy bear holds data, scares children

USB teddy bear holds data, scares children - Engadget: "Generally, when someone makes a teddy bear-themed gadget, his/her intention is to overwhelm bystanders with cuteness. But whoever created this little guy, whose head has to be removed in order to access the internal USB drive, must have watched one too many Tim Burton movies. No word on how much it holds or if there are any plans to make these available for purchase, but with your own bear, a thumb drive, some thread and a closet full of skeletons, you can probably make your own without too much effort."

FF: "Funny and Cute"

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Next BMW M3 pursued in California

Tailed! Next BMW M3 pursued in California - Autoblog: "SBEuroClub member Brooks Uhrig is a 2001 Audi S4 owner, but that doesn't mean he wasn't willing to put in some time chasing down a BMW M3 test mule he spotted near his Santa Barbara, California home. The persistent Brooks even tailed the driver some 45 minutes to Montecito, where he was able to snap a good number of shots when the tester parked it in plain sight. Sadly, there don't appear to be any interior shots, but hats off to Brooks for his dogged pursuit of the bad-boy Bimmer all the same."

FF: " Nice "

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shahbaz walks out of Big Brother

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Shahbaz walks out of Big Brother: "Big Brother 7 contestant Shahbaz Chauhdry has walked out of the television house, Channel 4 has said.

The 37-year-old Glaswegian was being watched by show psychologists after threatening to kill himself during his time in the house.

In a statement, a show spokeswoman said Shahbaz had decided to leave because he was 'unhappy' and finding it hard to integrate with the other contestants.

She added that all the housemates were free to leave the house at any time.

Shahbaz had earlier described himself as 'a dead man walking' and said the reality television series was to be 'his last curtain call'.

'I came here to die on this programme,' he told concerned housemates.

Channel 4 said the welfare of the 14 participants was 'of the utmost importance'."

FF: " Cruel world, i thought he was the most entertaining person in the house"

The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame

Telegraph | News | The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame: "Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research.

A study by Swiss and German scientists suggests that increasing radiation from the sun is responsible for recent global climate changes.

Dr Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, who led the research, said: 'The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures.

'The Sun is in a changed state. It is brighter than it was a few hundred years ago and this brightening started relatively recently - in the last 100 to 150 years.'

Dr Solanki said that the brighter Sun and higher levels of 'greenhouse gases', such as carbon dioxide, both contributed to the change in the Earth's temperature but it was impossible to say which had the greater impact.

Average global temperatures have increased by about 0.2 deg Celsius over the past 20 years and are widely believed to be responsible for new extremes in weather patterns. After pressure from environmentalists, politicians agreed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, promising to limit greenhouse gas emissions between 2008 and 2012. Britain ratified the protocol in 2002 and said it would cut emissions by 12.5 per cent from 1990 levels."

FF: "Our sun is getting HOT, lol"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Road Test: Maybach 62

TechEBlog ? Road Test: Maybach 62: "At $385,520, the Maybach 62 is an ultra-luxury sedan with a powerful 5.5 Liter biturbo V12 engine that pumps out 550 hp — boosting it from 0-60mph in just 5.4 seconds. Top Gear takes this gem for a road test. Watch after the jump."

FF: "Maybach, i wanna take on a ride"

Friday, May 12, 2006

How do you think high definition will change gaming?

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto: "
I think at some point there will be a point down the road where most everyone does have an HD TV. But right now I don't think that what gaming needs is more high definition graphics, I think what's more important is the interface for how you interact with your games, how your games connect to the internet and take advantage of that functionality, and even more simply just how everyone in the household is able to interact with the hardware itself and find entertainment value in that, thereby allowing us to increase the people who are engaging the game. I think these are far more important issues for us to be thinking about rather than simply prettier graphics for the same games that people have seen."

FF: "Shigeru Miyamoto spot on, we need a games console for entertainment and relax"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Live from E3

Nintendo Wii Won: "Nintendo Wii launch: 4th quarter, for less then HK$3876

Sony PS3 60GB launch: 11th November, will cost HK$5426

click here for Nintendo Wii video"

FF: "with a price advantages and plenty of games to download from, i believe Nintendo's new console - Wii might win, Sony went too far on graphic and Blue Ray"

Nintendo Wii - Controllers

Nintendo Wii - Controllers: "Games are many things to different people. Some see games as gateways to an unknown universe while others see them as extensions of the world around them. Nintendo created Wii to fit everyone's ideal break away from the everyday. The wireless, freehand Wii Remote not only makes games easy to play, it makes them more fun than ever before. Accentuating the sense of touch in the game lets you feel the heat of emotion with each movement. Because up to four players can grab a Wii Remote and play, there's always a party ready to happen with Wii!

The Wii Remote frees you from cords and excessive, complicated buttons without sacrificing gameplay depth. The motion sensors contained within the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk controller add totally new interactions to existing games while opening doors for new genres. Wii makes your senses come alive!"

FF: "Yes, we need innovation, i might go bak to game console"

Dell shows pics of next-gen gaming boxes

Dell shows pics of next-gen gaming boxes - Engadget: "If you thought you had to be at E3 to check out Dell's new gaming boxes, we've got some good news for you: Dell has launched a web site to show off the prototype models, the cleverly named XPS Next Generation Gaming Desktop and the previously revealed XPS Mobile Entertainment Concept laptop. The bad news? Dell's Flash-heavy teaser site for the boxes provides little in the way of real specs (unless you consider a statement that the desktop will include 'some of the latest processors, graphics capabilities and performance hard drives' enough info). The site does, however, show off some of the desktop's external features, including an aluminum case, a choice of LEDs in 7 different colors, and -- woo hoo -- a stabilizing fin. No specs on the laptop either, natch, but we already have the goods on that one. We're not sure if Dell plans to bring either of these to market, or if they're just eye candy designed to attract gamers to existing products, like the M1710 notebook. However, we expect the desktop to show up in some form, if only so that Dell can try to say that the company's home-grown, Intel-based gear is as good as the AMD stuff they picked up from Alienware -- which, at this point, may be the whole point of keeping the XPS line alive in the first place.


FF: "I luv Dell's Desktop, its awesome"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bugmenot - pwd database

How To Use "You're browsing the web and you click a link to an article on a site (let's say but instead of getting the article you get a screen asking you to login or register. Infuriated at the idea of pointlessly registering for yet another site you turn to your good buddy"

FF: " provide username and password to access restricted article online, save me time, save yourself trouble..."

Nokia N80: Almost perfect

Crave at "The N80 has a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, infrared, quad-band, EDGE and WLAN connectivity, a miniSD slot that can support up to a 2GB card and a secondary 0.3-megapixel (VGA) camera for video calling. It runs on S60 3rd edition software on Symbian OS and comes preloaded with a bunch of applications such as RealPlayer and Flash Player, so you can play and access a host of media files.

Via Wi-Fi, EGPRS or 3G, you can browse the Web with the built-in Web browser or download content such as games and ringtones. It also has an email client you can set up to access a POP3 or IMAP4 email account, and it lets you view certain attachments using a proprietary document viewer.

We were very impressed with the picture quality of both the camera and the 36 by 45mm, 262k colour screen, which is not only large enough to view images properly, but also comes with a light sensor that adjusts the screen's brightness according to the ambient light."

FF: "Yes, Nokia N80 with WiFi & UPnP support, u can access Internet everywhere, with Flash build-in, u can log-into web-based MSN, ICQ etc anytime u want... its a prefect phone, only a bit chubby"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NOKIA secret codes (series 60)

NOKIA secret codes (series 60): "Have you even try on this????


Displays - 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Life Time. Talking Hours in total

*#06# Serial Number/IMEI indicates

*#0000# SW version (e.g. V3.42.1, 16-10-03, NHL-10)

*#2820# Bluetooth (BT) device address

xx# Directory quick access (xx = storage location e.g. 24 #)

On/Off key -short pressing for menu for switching between profiles

Menu key - Long pressing for 'task manager' - switching between active programs (with 'C' key programs can be terminated.)

Red key - Minimizes the program ()

Menu quick access - Over in the menu e.g. to point 3.1 arrive simply 31 enter (if the third symbol a file is opened is for these and then in it started the first Programm/Icon).

No Autostart - While switching on the phone, press the 'ABC' key (pen) till the pin inquiry to ignore the auto-initialization programs (and the MMC programs) - 'safeboot'

Deletes Wallet code & info

*#7780# - Reset to original settings

*#7370# - Soft format - clears the phone memory

NOTE! Battery should be full up to at least 75% "

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Free 1GB Online File Storage - Free Online File Storage: "Box is a virtual storage space for your computer files. With 1GB free online space, you will have enough space to hold thousands of Documents, Photos, Music Files, and Video Clips. Try us out for as long as you'd like by signing up for our 1GB free account. Whether you want to move files among multiple computers, backup important data in the event of a computer crash, or share documents and photos with friends and colleagues, is for you."

Please click here to join now

FF: "Free 1GB online storage even allow sharing, let back-up ur hard drive, isn't it kool??"

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Goowy - your personal webtop.

TechCrunch: "San Diego-headquartered Goowy (a Mark Cuban investment) just publicly launched the enhanced IM and storage products that I tested last month. Goowy users now have Meebo-like IM funtionality built directly into their Goowy desktop, and 1 GB of free online storage via a partnership with

Goowy has also rolled out significant enhancements to their email client, including a three-pane view that looks and feels a lot like Outlook. Goowy is turning into an excellent desktop replacement - users can choose to use a Goowy email account or Pop in whatever email service they currently use (including Gmail). CEO Alex Bard tells me that over 100,000 people have logged in and used the Goowy email client in the last 90 days.

Everything is currently free…Goowy will layer in paid premium services down the road. You can also try Goowy without registering through their demo account.

pls click here to try it out"

FF: "Good system, IM, Email client all in one and everywhere"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nokia - Digitally Divine Nokia N73

Nokia - Digitally Divine Nokia N73 - the Ultimate Challenge to the Digital Camera - Press Releases - Press - About Nokia: "Berlin, Germany and Hong Kong, China - Nokia today unveiled the latest addition to the Nokia Nseries family, the Nokia N73, a stunning multimedia computer in a compact and savvy exterior with exquisite photography features and integrated stereo speakers with 3D sound for optimized audio pleasure. In addition to a large 2.4 inch display, the Nokia N73 includes a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and support for Internet communities like Flickr - a package ready to challenge any digital camera.

'The ideal companion for the digital camera lover, the Nokia N73 is as easy to use as it is compact to carry. Imagine, stunning print quality photos and multimedia are just a slide and a click away, ready to be shared immediately, said Juha Putkiranta, senior vice president, Multimedia Computers, Nokia. 'Being able to intuitively capture, edit and share your digital memories is at the core of the Nokia N73, which also offers the enriched multimedia experiences of the Nokia Nseries range. The joy of using the Nokia N73 extends beyond the actual device, by fusing people to their passions and with others who share them. The Nokia N73 is truly a camera for the Internet age, enabling people to share their photos on the Web in an instant, on Flickr or "

FF: "A stunning multimedia computer in a compact design, Nokia rocks"

Monday, April 24, 2006

AOL To Launch “Myspace Killer”

TechCrunch ? AOL To Launch “Myspace Killer”: "AOL may be preparing to launch a Myspace-type social network sometime in the next few weeks, says Dave Winer.

This went from rumor to “confirmed likely” in posts and comments by Jason Calacanis and Jordan Running (also here) (both now at AOL). A comment in the last link suggests that the new service will be open to non AOL members.

This market is red hot. Mature players like Facebook and Fox-owned Myspace basically own their respective categories, and better-featured (and funded to the hilt) newcomers like Tagworld and Tagged gunning for the big guys. Even aging Friendster, mostly written off as living dead, has made a recent (if quiet) comeback based on Alexa stats. Fickle teenagers and young adults are quick to jump ship to the hot new thing, but these existing players will certainly not lie down for AOL. "

FF: "Friendster launched in 2003, However, Copycat Myspace(Tom) is more successful"

Flying on cloud nine

Photos: Flying on cloud nine | CNET "Airlines showed off their new passenger comforts at the Airline Interior Expo held in Hamburg, Germany, earlier this month.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was the unveiling of the new cabin area for the Airbus a350. At a minidesk in the business corner, a passenger can get the same connectivity as on the ground. The Airbus a350 will be able to seat more than 300 passengers in three levels when it takes off in 2010.

Credit: Airbus"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Tuberaider Video: How To Download And Save Youtube Videos: "As mentioned earlier, many files have been booted from youtube this week, and that's sure to continue as the site keeps growing and drawing more attention. Luckily the fine people here put together a little script that lets you save youtube files on your computer. You can just follow the instructions in that link, but I'll repeat them here because it's a little involved and some key steps are buried in the comments section over there.

# 1. Install the Greasemonkey Extension for Firefox.

# 2. Right-click this .js file and select 'Install User Script' (if you don't see that option try step one again)

# 3. Now on every youtube video page there should be a red bar at the top, that says 'Save As' to download Flash video. (see screenshots here)

# 4. Right click the text in the red bar, select 'Save Link As,' and save the file as a .flv file. Firefox will rty to save it as 'get_video.php,' you need to change the '.php' to '.flv,' and change the first part to whatever you prefer.

# Now you need to either download a media player that runs .flv files, or download a program that converts them to other file types. Here are links to both:

FLV PLayers

FLV Player

VLC player

FLV Converters

Riva FLV Encoder

Total Video Converter"


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fujitsu’s UMPC Concept

TechEBlog ? Fujitsu’s UMPC Concept: "Fujitsu has developed a”CD-sized” Ultra Mobile PC concept that features a fold-out keyboard. These designs and more are being showcased in the Japanese design exhibition at Triennale di Milano.

“No, we’re not convinced either, not now that world+dog has had 30-odd years to grow accustomed to computers with keyboards. Fujitsu’s UMPC cleverly squares the circle by providing a small form-factor clamshell chassis with a fold out keyboard.”"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Big haul of new drug in Spain

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Big haul of new drug in Spain: "Spanish police have arrested a gang that allegedly trafficked a little known psychotropic drug, passed off as ecstasy but more dangerous, at discos around Madrid. Officers arrested 13 people, mostly Spaniards in their 20s, and confiscated 31,000 pills with the same colour, shape and shark logo as ecstasy, the interior ministry said. The alleged ringleader used a network of young women to distribute the pills at clubs to avoid raising suspicion.

The new drug, known as M-CPP or meta-chlorophenylpiperazine, stimulates the nervous system and produces the same hallucinatory effects as ecstasy, but can be more toxic, the interior ministry said. Potential side effects include psychosis, outbreaks of violence and poisoning. A police statement described it as "a new psychotropic substance, unknown to date and a producer of serious effects."

Each M-CPP tablet sells for between ?6 (£4.20) and ?12. The entire batch of 31,000 could have fetched about ?300,000. It is the largest supply recovered so far in Europe where the drug has been circulating at least since late last year, according to the newspaper El Pa?s. Police have seized smaller lots in Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. It is believed to have originated in eastern Europe.

M-CPP has been used in clinical trials on recovering alcoholics, in whom it produced a state similar to drunkenness, El Pa?s said. It is also cited in psychiatric research related to the neurotransmitter serotonin, a mood regulator."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Google! Beta (c) 1998

Splasho ? Google! Beta (c) 1998: "I enjoyed seeing this WayBack Machine version of Google in 1998. I found it funny how the grey ‘beta’ lasts to this day, though in a slightly different font."

Monday, March 27, 2006

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster: "Music Brothers is a Korean Flash game that begs to be compared to Dance Dance Revolution, but I'll dispense with that and just tell you what it's like: You guide a group of cute dancing blobs along a path of arrows. You progress by pressing the arrow key that matches the next arrow on the path. Each key you press plays a musical note and each level is a little song that you have to complete before your time runs out. If you press a wrong key you'll lose one of the blobs from your group, but you can gain more blobs or get other bonuses by pressing space bar when you encounter round faces on the path. The graphics are adorable, you have several choices of sound schemes when you begin the game, and overall the game is surprisingly challenging and addicting."

FF: "I love this game, its awesome"


Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage

Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage - Download Squad: "Josiah Cole at Oomny, a very odd little gem of a blog, has posted an interesting comparison of the memory usage of Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 ('Bon Echo') and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, both of which were released this week? The results are a little surprising. Firefox consistently outperforms IE, IE using slightly more than half the memory for single pages. Cole notes, however, that IE's memory use drops significantly when the browser is in the background or minimized, wheras Firefox's stays constant. Cole also does some tests using multiple tabs in which Firefox again performs well, but these results are offset by the fact that he's using an about:config tweak that makes his experience atypical. Still, though both browsers are early in their development cycles, it's interesting to see how Mozilla's alpha browser compares to Microsoft's beta."

FF: "I love Firefox"


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Apple iPhone in 2006

The Gadget Blog: "Ever thought that Apple would make a musical iPod / Phone gadget ?

Insiders at Taiwanese phone maker BenQ say that Apple procurement executives have been talking to various Taiwanese phone makers during the past few months in an effort to cut a manufacturing deal on an iPod Phone. “An iPod phone is definitely coming,” according to BenQ executive. They claimed that several suppliers have been approached to manufacture parts. J.P Morgan believes Apple will introduce the phone by the fourth quarter of this year. As you may have noticed, the site is now pointed to"

Apple iPhone in 2006 source

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bloggers needed!

We are currently in need of news bloggers for this blog, cos i m busying with my study

If you got anythings want to share~ feel free to create a post in our system

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

IKEA founder proud of miserly reputation

CANOE Money: Personal Finance - IKEA founder proud of miserly reputation: "A penny saved is a penny earned - even when you're worth billions.

Famously thrifty IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad says he has no plans to go on a spending spree even though he donated about $380,000 US to a Lausanne art school Monday.

'I'm stingy and I'm proud of the reputation,' Kamprad told reporters in Switzerland, where he lives but has previously shied away from media attention.

Most reports of the native Swede have either focused on his driving a 17-year-old Volvo or shopping for weekly specials at his local supermarket.

Kamprad, 80, founded the budget Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA in 1943. His fortune was estimated earlier this month by Forbes to be $28 billion US, making him the world's fourth-richest man."

Flight of the Gamers

TechEBlog: "Here’s a first: twenty four of Europe’s best and brightest gamers will prove the sky’s no longer the limit in a “Trans-Atlantic Showdown”. This tournament - sponsored in part by Connexion (Boeing) - will take place during a flight from Copenhagen to NYC. Games will include Quake 4, War Craft, and Counter-Strike. Watch the action live, starting Sunday, March 26th at 10:00 am EST."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Celia Cheung get well soon

FF" Hong Kong pop star Celia Cheung vomit during the rehearsal, although she is sick, she still have to work, cos she is the main support in her family... Celia Cheung get well soon"

忽 然 1 周
: "要 撐 起 成 頭 家 已 經 唔 易 , 好 似 張 芝 咁 一 個 女 仔 養 兩 頭 家 確 實 辛 苦 到 爆 。 上 周 五 ( 10 日 ) 芝 上 雙 魚 星 號 遊 輪 , 出 席 由 中 央 電 視 台 主 辦 〈 同 一 首 歌 〉 音 樂 會 。

有 6 位 數 字 酬 勞 落 袋 , Pak 芝 日 一 於 搏 到 盡 , 由 下 午 一 點 經 已 上 船 綵 排 , 音 樂 會 晚 上 十 點 正 式 開 始 , 佢 唱 完 第 一 首 快 歌 之 後 , 已 經 同 觀 眾 呻 : 「 我 依 家 覺 得 有 暈 , 我 都 係 第 一 次 上 郵 輪 ! 」 開 頭 大 家 都 有 懷 疑 , 佢 滑 慣 水 , 點 會 暈 船 浪 ? 以 為 佢 搵 藉 口 欺 場 , 但 佢 之 後 一 口 氣 唱 三 首 歌 , 仲 邊 唱 邊 除 外 衣 , 剝 剩 一 件 貼 身 背 心 , 又 一 都 冇 偷 懶 。
到 影 大 合 照 時 , Pak 芝 已 經 開 始 神 不 守 舍 , 雙 目 無 神 , 最 後 更 忍 唔 住 衝 落 台 嘔 , 原 來 佢 真 係 病 呀 ! 結 果 擾 擾 攘 攘 , 搞 到 半 夜 三 、 四 點 至 返 房 休 息 , 但 第 二 日 落 船 仲 要 即 刻 飛 上 海 拍 劇 。 唉 , Pak 芝 咁 辛 苦 搵 錢 , 屋 企 班 印 印 腳 等 飯 開 男 人 唔 知 點 諗 呢 !

Kenny Kwan is broke

FF:"Kenny Kwan is broke, hahaha, I think he should go bak to Stephen, wanna see him sing in a group"

忽 然 1 周
: "做 藝 人 真 係 幾 慘 , 一 有 唔 好 傳 聞 , 立 即 散 到 全 香 港 無 人 不 知 , 搞 到 行 唔 安 坐 唔 樂 , 擔 心 人 點 諗 。

好 似 俾 人 傳 向 銀 行 借 錢 交 稅 Kenny ( 關 智 斌 ) 咁 , 媽 咪 姐 上 星 期 二 ( 7 日 ) 跑 馬 地 豐 搞 完 一 手 續 走 人 , 撞 到 Kenny 頭 耷 耷 咁 行 入 銀 行 , Kenny 一 見 到 媽 咪 姐 , 立 即 愕 然 , 呆 幾 秒 之 後 , 轉 身 走 出 銀 行 , 好 大 動 作 咁 張 提 款 卡 出 , 街 邊 櫃 員 機 錢 , 但 唔 係 得 多 錢 , 幾 百 蚊 , ? 跟 住 上 的 士 走 人 。 "

Richard Lee X Rachel Freda Lloyd

FF: "yeh, we mentioned the secret relation of Richard Lee and his gf Rachel Lloyd last month, been talked how they met in a lift and how sweet they were... Next media caught them again...

壹 週 刊: "在 剛 公 佈 的 《 福 布 斯 》 全 球 富 豪 排 行 榜 中 , 小 小 超 李 澤 楷 身 家 達 八 十 五 億 元 排 名 六 百 九 十 八 , 賬 面 身 家 被 公 諸 於 世 , 感 情 事 亦 無 法 完 全 收 收 埋 埋 。
為 避 傳 媒 , 小 小 超 出 齊 花 臣 , 無 所 不 用 其 極 。 即 使 上 月 情 人 節 被 傳 媒 拍 得 與 任 職 初 級 債 券 分 析 員 的 中 英 混 血 兒 , Rachel Freda Lloyd ( 羅 愛 欣 ) 拍 拖 玩 通 宵 , 翌 日 二 人 一 起 返 工 , 他 都 刻 意 前 後 腳 , 免 跟 新 女 齊 攝 入 鏡 , ?

但 百 密 總 一 疏 , 上 週 五 ( 三 月 十 日 ) 晚 , 小 小 超 終 於 斷 正 。"

Garina Liu wanna get marry

FF: "劉嘉玲Garina Liu wanna move into Grosvenor Place in Repulse Bay with his bf 梁朝偉Tony Leung.. the apt cost around HK$60000000... i wish i can live there as well"

壹 本 便 利: "今 年 生 日 , 劉 嘉 玲 便 四 十 一 歲 , 受 到 好 友 吳 君 如 做 產 婦 的 刺 激 , 她 亦 想 步 入 人 生 另 一 階 段 , 月 前 向 拍 拖 十 六 年 的 梁 朝 偉 迫 婚 。
由 於 偉 仔 一 向 滋 油 , 嘉 玲 做 晒 主 動 , 近 期 頻 頻 出 動 睇 樓 , 終 於 睇 中 淺 水 灣 的 超 級 豪 宅 Grosvenor Place , 打 算 購 入 6000 萬 豪 竇 迎 接 新 婚 。
貼 埋 大 屋 , 呢 個 老 婆 好 抵 娶 !"

903's Sammy married?

FF: "Can't believe Sammy is married already... i thought he is with Siu Yee... why he nevers talk about it during his radio show?? what a secret keeper, I been listening to his program since 1995, he nevers talk about his marrage,,, strange~ scare me when I read it from the magazine"

壹 本 便 利: "話 晒 都 係 星 期 六 , 森 美 做 完 節 目 後 , 都 唔 趕 返 屋 企 陪 老 婆 食 飯 , 反 而 同 friend 去 九 龍 城 大 排 檔 , 由 深 夜 點 幾 食 到 三 點 幾 。"

Saturday, March 18, 2006

IBM Magic Book

TechEBlog ? IBM Magic Book: "If you’re looking for a cutting edge digital audio recorder, IBM’s Magic Book should do the trick. Perfect for boring lectures and meetings, this device allows users to search recordings via voice-recognition technology just like they would a search engine. A biometric fingerprint reader keeps your files safe from prying ears. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

“The user can effortlessly search for a keyword, a specific time range (to play back a meeting or school class) or a particular person’s voice (the software can recognize pre-associated names with voice and then play back the parts when that person is talking).”"