Wednesday, May 24, 2017

10 Reasons Why We Lose Friends

Danny Cheng: "I think the main reason is facebook, when we were young, we meet friends in real, not just reading their facebook! But somehow this is how our world is changing, especially in Hong Kong.. most of the nightclubs and hang out places are closed due to the expensive rent, most people just stay home surfing the social network, and trying to meet "friends"; However, those friendship seems real online, but kinda different in real.. when people build up more net friends, they usually tend to forget the priorities of their real friendships......

One of the worst parts about growing up, apart from being absolutely on your own, is that you lose friends, all of them, one by one. No matter how thick you may be with them, the moment you step into adult life, all of them disappear. This is probably why.

  1. Priorities change. As you grow up, you tend to spend more and more time at work. You no longer have time to meet friends, friends who once meant the world to you. It's only later in life that you realize life is incomplete without them, but it's already too late.
  2. We often forget that friendships can't always be effortless. Making friends is easy, but keeping them is the hard part. Hanging out with them in college seemed easy because it was convenient. But as life moves on, we give up on friendships, we give up too easy. The friendship fades away and we accept it, instead of fighting it, because that's so much more convenient.
  3. Sometimes, it's love that ruins friendships. When one of the two friends enters into a relationship, friendships are often forgotten. They may realize it later but things are never the same. We've all been there and done that too.
  4. Our 20s are a tough time. We're all trying to prove something to ourselves and the world. Some people get lucky; some have to struggle a lot more. When the two people who started from the same point find themselves at crossroads, insecurity creeps in. You're happy that they're more successful, except that you're really not. You soon start drifting away because their presence in your life only makes you feel more miserable. Sometimes, it's your own insecurity and other times, the circumstance is a b*tch.
  5. The support and confidence our families cannot give us, we seek in our friendships. Our friends know us the best, don't they? But a lot times, even your friends don't support your life decisions. And that's the reason why it becomes hard to be around them when their judgments become too sour and unforgiving. There's nothing worse than a friend who bails out on you.
  6. With some friends, you feel like you're the only one making all the efforts. So, you let it go, because you don't want to be ‘the clingy friend', forgetting no relationship in this world is equal, that one person will always have to put in more efforts than the other. And nobody wants to be that person. We'd rather lose them than be the more involved one. Damn our egos!
  7.  Some friends are great to have. But they're also toxic. There comes a point in life where you finally realize what a bad influence they are on you. And you decide you're better off without them.
  8. It becomes difficult for a lot of people to cope with the fact that their friends have made new friends. Being replaced is a terrible feeling, but it happens and it happens to the best of us. The more possessive we become, the more bitter it gets.
  9. Sometimes, you just grow apart. The things you bonded over once don't exist in your life anymore. You're a changed person and so are they. Sometimes, you meet a friend after a long while and realize they haven't grown up even one bit. The conversation becomes painfully forced and that's the moment you know, the friendship's kinda over.
  10. It's funny how we just cut off from our dearest friends and years later, when we're going through old pictures on Facebook, we sit there wondering what really went wrong. It was probably a small argument. You brushed it under the carpet, they never talked about it too and slowly, the friendship died a slow death. Our non confrontational attitude, our habit of not talking about conflicts when it's important, sometimes, costs us our best of friends.

Source: MENSXP