Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bayley and Jackson Bad Dentist Experience

Danny Cheng: "If you want to avoid unprofessional dentist and being ripped off lots of $$$$$, then you should stay away from Bayley and Jackson Dental Surgeons!"

If you think the Dental Surgeons in Jardine House should be professional? that's totally WRONG!! On Saturday 13 June, 2015, I was planning to polish my teeth; My teeth was fine before, no pain, but their dental surgeon Dr. Yung Yu Ki (容宇琦) said I should remove my wisdom teeth on the upper right, and I trust him; However, after spending around 1 hour, he failed to completely remove my tooth, only pulled half of the teeth, and the root tip is left behind, then he said I should go home and let that heal; In the past few days, I cannot sleep well, feels painful while chewing the foods and moving the jaw, keep thinking what I should do; After 2 days, Dr. Yung Yu Ki still cannot give me the advice on how to remove the root tip left behind, and said nothing he can do and trying to refer me to see their specialist Dr. Ben K C Chow (周烱昌), however their specialist can cost a fortune, they are asking me HK$8000 for removing one wisdom teeth now, I think this is a fraud.

So PLEASE, for your safely, do NOT and NEVER go to Bayley & Jackson Dental Surgeons!