Sunday, July 30, 2006

A HK Girl Expelled From A Jet Because Of A Hangbag Civil Aviation: A HK Girl Expelled From A Jet Because Of A Hangbag: "On 7 Jul, flight CX504 from Hong Kong to Narita, a HK girl refuse to place her Gucci handbag under the seat. Due to safety, the pilots refuse to take off and annouce to the passenger that due to that passenger refuse to place the handbag under the seat, take-off will be delayed. And then, the Flgiht Attendants explained to that passenger it is a safety measure and she can hold her handbag after take off. And flight attendant also suggested that the flight attendant can help her to place the handbag to the overhead luggage shelf if she think the floor is dirty. But she refused because she think it is too high.

Eventually, the airline called police. That passenger left the flight. It causes the flight delay for more than one hour.

After that, that passenger posted the event on the Web to critise the airline and the HK male passengers not support her. However, many people on the Net critise that passenger.

P.S. Rumors say that passenger has already flied a complaint to Cathay. Hope to see how Cathay response such complaint."

FF: "what the fxxk... how come she not place her stupid bag under the seat?"