Monday, March 27, 2006

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster

Music Brothers - Today's Time Waster: "Music Brothers is a Korean Flash game that begs to be compared to Dance Dance Revolution, but I'll dispense with that and just tell you what it's like: You guide a group of cute dancing blobs along a path of arrows. You progress by pressing the arrow key that matches the next arrow on the path. Each key you press plays a musical note and each level is a little song that you have to complete before your time runs out. If you press a wrong key you'll lose one of the blobs from your group, but you can gain more blobs or get other bonuses by pressing space bar when you encounter round faces on the path. The graphics are adorable, you have several choices of sound schemes when you begin the game, and overall the game is surprisingly challenging and addicting."

FF: "I love this game, its awesome"


Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage

Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage - Download Squad: "Josiah Cole at Oomny, a very odd little gem of a blog, has posted an interesting comparison of the memory usage of Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 ('Bon Echo') and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, both of which were released this week? The results are a little surprising. Firefox consistently outperforms IE, IE using slightly more than half the memory for single pages. Cole notes, however, that IE's memory use drops significantly when the browser is in the background or minimized, wheras Firefox's stays constant. Cole also does some tests using multiple tabs in which Firefox again performs well, but these results are offset by the fact that he's using an about:config tweak that makes his experience atypical. Still, though both browsers are early in their development cycles, it's interesting to see how Mozilla's alpha browser compares to Microsoft's beta."

FF: "I love Firefox"


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Apple iPhone in 2006

The Gadget Blog: "Ever thought that Apple would make a musical iPod / Phone gadget ?

Insiders at Taiwanese phone maker BenQ say that Apple procurement executives have been talking to various Taiwanese phone makers during the past few months in an effort to cut a manufacturing deal on an iPod Phone. “An iPod phone is definitely coming,” according to BenQ executive. They claimed that several suppliers have been approached to manufacture parts. J.P Morgan believes Apple will introduce the phone by the fourth quarter of this year. As you may have noticed, the site is now pointed to"

Apple iPhone in 2006 source

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bloggers needed!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

IKEA founder proud of miserly reputation

CANOE Money: Personal Finance - IKEA founder proud of miserly reputation: "A penny saved is a penny earned - even when you're worth billions.

Famously thrifty IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad says he has no plans to go on a spending spree even though he donated about $380,000 US to a Lausanne art school Monday.

'I'm stingy and I'm proud of the reputation,' Kamprad told reporters in Switzerland, where he lives but has previously shied away from media attention.

Most reports of the native Swede have either focused on his driving a 17-year-old Volvo or shopping for weekly specials at his local supermarket.

Kamprad, 80, founded the budget Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA in 1943. His fortune was estimated earlier this month by Forbes to be $28 billion US, making him the world's fourth-richest man."

Flight of the Gamers

TechEBlog: "Here’s a first: twenty four of Europe’s best and brightest gamers will prove the sky’s no longer the limit in a “Trans-Atlantic Showdown”. This tournament - sponsored in part by Connexion (Boeing) - will take place during a flight from Copenhagen to NYC. Games will include Quake 4, War Craft, and Counter-Strike. Watch the action live, starting Sunday, March 26th at 10:00 am EST."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Celia Cheung get well soon

FF" Hong Kong pop star Celia Cheung vomit during the rehearsal, although she is sick, she still have to work, cos she is the main support in her family... Celia Cheung get well soon"

忽 然 1 周
: "要 撐 起 成 頭 家 已 經 唔 易 , 好 似 張 芝 咁 一 個 女 仔 養 兩 頭 家 確 實 辛 苦 到 爆 。 上 周 五 ( 10 日 ) 芝 上 雙 魚 星 號 遊 輪 , 出 席 由 中 央 電 視 台 主 辦 〈 同 一 首 歌 〉 音 樂 會 。

有 6 位 數 字 酬 勞 落 袋 , Pak 芝 日 一 於 搏 到 盡 , 由 下 午 一 點 經 已 上 船 綵 排 , 音 樂 會 晚 上 十 點 正 式 開 始 , 佢 唱 完 第 一 首 快 歌 之 後 , 已 經 同 觀 眾 呻 : 「 我 依 家 覺 得 有 暈 , 我 都 係 第 一 次 上 郵 輪 ! 」 開 頭 大 家 都 有 懷 疑 , 佢 滑 慣 水 , 點 會 暈 船 浪 ? 以 為 佢 搵 藉 口 欺 場 , 但 佢 之 後 一 口 氣 唱 三 首 歌 , 仲 邊 唱 邊 除 外 衣 , 剝 剩 一 件 貼 身 背 心 , 又 一 都 冇 偷 懶 。
到 影 大 合 照 時 , Pak 芝 已 經 開 始 神 不 守 舍 , 雙 目 無 神 , 最 後 更 忍 唔 住 衝 落 台 嘔 , 原 來 佢 真 係 病 呀 ! 結 果 擾 擾 攘 攘 , 搞 到 半 夜 三 、 四 點 至 返 房 休 息 , 但 第 二 日 落 船 仲 要 即 刻 飛 上 海 拍 劇 。 唉 , Pak 芝 咁 辛 苦 搵 錢 , 屋 企 班 印 印 腳 等 飯 開 男 人 唔 知 點 諗 呢 !

Kenny Kwan is broke

FF:"Kenny Kwan is broke, hahaha, I think he should go bak to Stephen, wanna see him sing in a group"

忽 然 1 周
: "做 藝 人 真 係 幾 慘 , 一 有 唔 好 傳 聞 , 立 即 散 到 全 香 港 無 人 不 知 , 搞 到 行 唔 安 坐 唔 樂 , 擔 心 人 點 諗 。

好 似 俾 人 傳 向 銀 行 借 錢 交 稅 Kenny ( 關 智 斌 ) 咁 , 媽 咪 姐 上 星 期 二 ( 7 日 ) 跑 馬 地 豐 搞 完 一 手 續 走 人 , 撞 到 Kenny 頭 耷 耷 咁 行 入 銀 行 , Kenny 一 見 到 媽 咪 姐 , 立 即 愕 然 , 呆 幾 秒 之 後 , 轉 身 走 出 銀 行 , 好 大 動 作 咁 張 提 款 卡 出 , 街 邊 櫃 員 機 錢 , 但 唔 係 得 多 錢 , 幾 百 蚊 , ? 跟 住 上 的 士 走 人 。 "

Richard Lee X Rachel Freda Lloyd

FF: "yeh, we mentioned the secret relation of Richard Lee and his gf Rachel Lloyd last month, been talked how they met in a lift and how sweet they were... Next media caught them again...

壹 週 刊: "在 剛 公 佈 的 《 福 布 斯 》 全 球 富 豪 排 行 榜 中 , 小 小 超 李 澤 楷 身 家 達 八 十 五 億 元 排 名 六 百 九 十 八 , 賬 面 身 家 被 公 諸 於 世 , 感 情 事 亦 無 法 完 全 收 收 埋 埋 。
為 避 傳 媒 , 小 小 超 出 齊 花 臣 , 無 所 不 用 其 極 。 即 使 上 月 情 人 節 被 傳 媒 拍 得 與 任 職 初 級 債 券 分 析 員 的 中 英 混 血 兒 , Rachel Freda Lloyd ( 羅 愛 欣 ) 拍 拖 玩 通 宵 , 翌 日 二 人 一 起 返 工 , 他 都 刻 意 前 後 腳 , 免 跟 新 女 齊 攝 入 鏡 , ?

但 百 密 總 一 疏 , 上 週 五 ( 三 月 十 日 ) 晚 , 小 小 超 終 於 斷 正 。"

Garina Liu wanna get marry

FF: "劉嘉玲Garina Liu wanna move into Grosvenor Place in Repulse Bay with his bf 梁朝偉Tony Leung.. the apt cost around HK$60000000... i wish i can live there as well"

壹 本 便 利: "今 年 生 日 , 劉 嘉 玲 便 四 十 一 歲 , 受 到 好 友 吳 君 如 做 產 婦 的 刺 激 , 她 亦 想 步 入 人 生 另 一 階 段 , 月 前 向 拍 拖 十 六 年 的 梁 朝 偉 迫 婚 。
由 於 偉 仔 一 向 滋 油 , 嘉 玲 做 晒 主 動 , 近 期 頻 頻 出 動 睇 樓 , 終 於 睇 中 淺 水 灣 的 超 級 豪 宅 Grosvenor Place , 打 算 購 入 6000 萬 豪 竇 迎 接 新 婚 。
貼 埋 大 屋 , 呢 個 老 婆 好 抵 娶 !"

903's Sammy married?

FF: "Can't believe Sammy is married already... i thought he is with Siu Yee... why he nevers talk about it during his radio show?? what a secret keeper, I been listening to his program since 1995, he nevers talk about his marrage,,, strange~ scare me when I read it from the magazine"

壹 本 便 利: "話 晒 都 係 星 期 六 , 森 美 做 完 節 目 後 , 都 唔 趕 返 屋 企 陪 老 婆 食 飯 , 反 而 同 friend 去 九 龍 城 大 排 檔 , 由 深 夜 點 幾 食 到 三 點 幾 。"

Saturday, March 18, 2006

IBM Magic Book

TechEBlog ? IBM Magic Book: "If you’re looking for a cutting edge digital audio recorder, IBM’s Magic Book should do the trick. Perfect for boring lectures and meetings, this device allows users to search recordings via voice-recognition technology just like they would a search engine. A biometric fingerprint reader keeps your files safe from prying ears. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

“The user can effortlessly search for a keyword, a specific time range (to play back a meeting or school class) or a particular person’s voice (the software can recognize pre-associated names with voice and then play back the parts when that person is talking).”"

Thursday, March 16, 2006

chill out

FF: "WOOHOO.. went to Barracuda with my fds yesterday, and had a great time"

Japanese Air-Shower System

TechEBlog ? Japanese Air-Shower System: "This Japanese air-shower system is situated in a 2 m (tall) x 90 cm (wide) chamber and uses 12 nozzles to blow off any allergens (pollen and dust) found on the body/clothes.

“The person who came up with the idea to place the air-shower in the building suffers from hay fever. The company is now considering the possibility of developing another housing complex equipped with the air-shower system.”"

Smart Oven Cooks for You

TechEBlog ? Smart Oven Cooks for You: "Samsung has teamed up with Birds Eye frozen foods to develop a smart oven that knows how to cook a meal by just reading “Smart Codes” found on specially marked packaging. Buyers seeking the ultimate in convenience will appreciate this oven, just scan and cook. It’s priced at $525, no word yet on availability.

“Research commissioned by the companies has reportedly showed that 17 percent of those surveyed say that a barcode-controlled oven is the kitchen innovation they want the most.”"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2008 Audi A2 - The Mini Killer?

TechEBlog ? 2008 Audi A2 - The Mini Killer?: "Audi is looking to take on BMW’s Mini with their sporty next generation A2. Based on the Volkswagen Polo platform, this 2008 model will most likely feature Quattro AWD along with an optional turbocharger. Read on after the jump.

“When we look at this segment it is clear there are a lot of customers who want a car below the A3,” Audi Chairman Martin Winterkorn said in an interview at the Geneva auto show. “Mini has done well with its car. It has become more and more apparent there is demand there.”"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Review: LG KG320

Review: LG KG320 (MobileBurn): "A gem of design hiding away at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, was the LG KG320. This slim bar-style handset sports an understated look, yet comes off as a very elegant device, giving the feeling that it would be right at home at a posh dinner in the city.

Feature wise, the LG KG320 comes complete with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 262k color TFT LCD display, and Bluetooth. For the music lover, the LG KG320 boasts 128MB of on board memory, an MP3/AAC compatible music player, and supports the USB Mass Storage class to ease the upload of files. Unfortunately, the USB connectivity is limited to the 1.1 standard, so transfers will be slow. All up, the KG320 has quite a good feature set for a handset only 9mm thin.

No solid release date has been announced, but look out for the LG KG320 in Europe later this year."

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The great GAME Monopoly robbery

The Sun Online - News: The great GAME robbery: "BUNGLING crooks who robbed a van on its way to Heathrow got away with £75million — in MONOPOLY money.

The gang snatched the white Ford Transit from a street — convinced it was crammed with genuine currency.

But it was carrying hundreds of copies of the family board game, plus bundles of worthless Monopoly £500 and £100 notes to be used in an ad campaign.

Police last night vowed to send the hopeless Great Game Robbers straight to jail — WITHOUT passing Go.

One detective quipped: “There will be no Get Out Of Jail free card for these chancers when we catch them.

“And they won’t be collecting £200 either.”

The brand new liquid petroleum gas van was stolen as its driver made a delivery in Slough, near the airport.

A courier was due to drive it to Heathrow next day, so its cargo could be loaded on a plane to Czech capital Prague.

Inside were copies of a new express travel version of the traditional property-buying game — and piles of notes issued by the fictional Bank of Monopoly.

They were to be used as props in a commercial by makers Hasbro, being filmed in Prague to highlight how Monopoly has become an international game.

One scene was to show notes raining down over the city on to happy players.

Police are working on the theory that word got around the criminal world that an important shipment was in transit — and that somehow the gang became convinced that real money was involved.

Al Qaeda's Web of Terror - How Al Qaeda Stays Connected

Al Qaeda's Web of Terror | "How Al Qaeda Stays Connected?

According to Pakistani intelligence sources, the use of free and anonymous e-mail services such as Yahoo! or Hotmail by al Qaeda operatives is widespread.

To avoid being intercepted, the messages are not sent but saved in the account's draft box.

They can then be retrieved by other operatives by simply logging on to the same e-mail address — with a shared password.

This technique makes it impossible for intelligence services such as the British GCHQ or the American NSA to read these messages without hacking into the servers themselves, which they are legally prohibited to do.

And even if they do read these messages, intelligence services worldwide are confronted with a second hurdle: Al Qaeda's operatives speak in code words which makes it impossible for any outsider to understand their true content if they have not penetrated the organization already.

Such 'intelligence breaks' are extremely rare, but not unheard of. In October 2001, the British police arrested a French computer engineer linked to a major al Qaeda cell in Europe.

Kamel Daoudi was found in possession of a 'codebook' that later enabled Western intelligence services to decrypt thousands of e-mails and phone conversations that they had previously intercepted but had not been able to crack."

BMW hit 135mph after throttle cable jammed

BMW hit 135mph after throttle cable jammed - Irish Independent: "IT WAS a BMW with a top speed of 135mph, but the owner Kevin Nicolle never knew quite how fast that was until last Sunday, shortly after he discovered that his accelerator pedal was stuck to the floor.

In the 30 minutes that followed, Mr Nicolle sped through three counties, outran a fleet of police cars and finally careened on to a roundabout, shouting to a policewoman operator to call an ambulance because 'I ain't surviving this.'

Disaster struck as Mr Nicolle (25), was driving his pride and joy through the North Yorkshire dales along the A1, on his way home to Portsmouth in south west England. As he passed the village of Thirsk, he took his foot off the accelerator - but the car speeded up.

'The pedal was stuck to the floor,' he said.

Mr Nicolle called the AA on his hands-free phone. They told him to call the police, who dispatched four fast cars and a helicopter. For a time the brakes held the 125 horsepower engine to 70mph. The policewoman on the end of the line said that they would attempt a 'rolling stop': boxing in the car with police vehicles to gradually slow it down.

It was too late. The brakes began to burn out and the car started going faster and faster. "I honestly thought I was going to die. I was really panicking and broke into tears," he said. He overtook cars on the verge of the fast lane. He tore up behind two articulated lorries, driving side-by-side. "There was another guy in the fast lane. I tried to go through, and the guy sped up. He wouldn't let me through. What was he thinking? I had my hazard lights on and there was a helicopter above."

Then he saw the sign - Roundabout 800 yards.

It was a raised roundabout, with a grassy crest. "That's when I said: I ain't surviving this."

He remembers a loud bang, and a woman's voice shouting: "He's crashed, he's crashed."

Then he was upside down. "The car started to fill with smoke. I said to the firemen: 'Don't cut my car.' " Mr Nicolle however, survived with hardly a scratch. He says he will never drive again. "If you walk away from an accident like that you want to call it quits."


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Powerdesk - The PC has evolved

Powerdesk: "The world’s first truly effective integration of computer and workstation makes Powerdesk the leader in workstation technology. By embedding the PC into the desk itself we’ve removed the clutter of tower units and trailing cables while creating a workstation that is a delight to use, a pleasure to look at, and almost impossible to steal! But, Powerdesk brings many more benefits - learn about Powerdesk and how it will improve your space."

Eleksen announces 3 UMPC-optimized keyboards

Engadget: "We have to admit, we're a little hurt that fabric keyboard designer Eleksen didn't give us the heads up about Origami, considering how long they must have known the secret for. Coinciding with the Samsung/ASUS/Founder launch, Eleksen introduced three UMPC-friendly reference designs, indicating that they may be backing away from marketing their own brand in favor of licensing their ElekTex tech to OEMs. Besides UMPC-optimized versions of their rollable USB and Bluetooth models, the company announced a design for a carrying case with an integrated keyboard, media controls, and/or gesture sensors. All three reference designs are available immediately for OEM device integration, although it's unclear when we'll actually see products on the shelves."

Casio watches trouble for Gitmo prisoners

Cheap watches trouble for Gitmo prisoners: "SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Are they bomb timers, or just time pieces? Common Casio watches, some worth less than $30, have become part of the often ambiguous web of evidence against detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

The U.S. military cites the digital watches worn by prisoners when they were captured as possible evidence of terrorist ties. Casios have been used repeatedly in bombs, after all, including one used by the architect of the 1993 World Trade Center attack; the explosive device was set off on a Philippine Airlines flight, killing a passenger.

Wearing a Casio is cited among the unclassified evidence against at least eight of the detainees whose transcripts were released by the Pentagon after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Associated Press."

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dada unleashes "Code M" MP3 shoes on an unsuspecting populace

Dada unleashes "Code M" MP3 shoes on an unsuspecting populace - Engadget: "We're not even sure what needs to said here. Basically what we have is some shiny 'Code M' sneakers from Dada footwear that pump the tunes to the included wireless headphones or out of built-in speakers while you're busy being that baller you are. They charge via USB, sport built-in controls, and yes they are actually a pair of shoes, too. Seriously, what's not to love? Next up for Dada are more 'Code M' devices such as a get-fit program for workout data, get-smart for taking your calls (with your shoe mind you -- get it? Get Smart? No? Ah, never mind.) and a whole slew of other devices to keep you in style and feeling great about your 21st Century lifestyle."

FF: "Elton, im quite sure u will fall in love with it :P"

My number changed

FF: "My UK Voda mobile phone number has been changed to 07760301985. Please update your contact list at your convenience."

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

British bars home to sex-toy vending machines

IOL: British bars home to sex-toy vending machines: "London - Bars and night clubs in London and other British cities have begun using vending machines that sell sex toys such as small vibrators.

The pink Tabooboo machines had previously been used in public toilets in Britain under the assumption that such settings gave buyers some privacy.

But Geoff Todd, manager of the Alphabet Bar in London's West End, said the Tabooboo machine it installed in the middle of the bar was used daily.

'Some people use it just because it's in the bar. Some make a special journey, maybe because they are to embarrassed to go into a sex shop,' Todd was quoted as saying by Monday's The Guardian newspaper.

It's been a great success
'Some buy the toys because they are a novelty, some for a laugh, some as presents. It's been a great success.'

In addition to bars and night clubs in London, Manchester and Newcastle, the vending machines also have begun to show up in hairdressing salons, health clubs and retail stores, Tabooboo managing director Alan Lucas said.

The company also has exported about 20 machines to Italy and 10 to the US.

"The younger generation isn't fazed by sex toys. They don't believe they equal pornography. Vending machines allow them to buy such products anonymously and without having to go to a sex shop," Lucas said.

The 11 different toys in the vending machines sell for an average £5 (about HK$60) each, Lucas said.

World's fastest internet in Shoreditch, 2GB per sec

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online: "A BRITISH-designed internet system promises to break the “four-minute mile” of broadband technology by delivering the fastest web service on the planet to British households.

Residents in Shoreditch, East London, will become the first to test a new advance in broadband technology when they switch on a new set-top box that combines the functions of a television and computer.

Introduced this month, the system will allow 20,000 households to surf the web and download material at speeds up to 2,000 times faster than present services. Users will, for example, be able to download all 32,640 pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in less than seven seconds, managers of the government-funded project said.

Most commercially-available broadband connections operate at a speed of 2 megabits per second (2Mb/s), but the Shoreditch project can access internet images and content at a speed of up to 2 billions of bits per second (2Gb/s).

The key to the speed of the new system is a high-security “powerhouse” located in London’s Docklands. The Telehouse data centre houses 13,000 square metres (140,000 sq ft) of fibre-optic telecommunications and IT infrastructure required to power the most high-speed connections."

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ang Lee wins Oscar for directing "Brokeback"

Ang Lee wins Oscar for directing "Brokeback" | "LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Taiwan-born Ang Lee won the best director Oscar on Sunday for 'Brokeback Mountain,' a gay romance about two cowboys whose love for each other spans decades, but the movie failed to win Hollywood's top prize.

The film, based on a short story by Annie Proulx, has become a box office success and a hit with critics, but its chances at the Oscars had been questioned by industry watchers given the film's gay subject matter.

'Brokeback Mountain' in fact missed out on the best picture Oscar, which went instead to racial drama 'Crash' in an upset victory.

Lee said he wanted to thank the two characters at the heart of the story for his award. 'Their names are Ennis and Jack. They taught all of us so much, not just about all the gay men and women in our society but just as important (about) the greatness of love itself.'

Lee, who was born in Taiwan and came to the United States in 1978, has become a master at probing the sensibilities of cultures other than his own.

His films range from intimate dramas about dysfunctional families like 'The Ice Storm' to period English pieces like 'Sense and Sensibility', martial arts ('Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon') and comic book adaptations such as 'Hulk".

Accepting his award, Lee said; "I just did this movie after my father passed away. More than any other, I made this for him ... Also everyone in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China - thank you," he said. Lee also thanked his wife and two children.""李安憑電影《斷背山》,成為首位奪得奧斯卡最佳導演殊榮的華人。"

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 world premiere - Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 world premiere - Autoblog: "Alberto reports that the Lamborghini stand has been absolutely mobbed for two days. But perseverance paid off, and he managed to grab these shots of Lamborghini's latest - the Murcielago LP640.

The resurgent Italian supercar builder seems to be thriving under the Audi umbrella, and this new model certainly won't hurt. Full press release (and more pictures, of course) after the jump, but a few teasers for the impatient:

* 0-62 mph 3.4 seconds
* top speed 211 mph
* 6.5-liter aluminum V12 with drive-by-wire multipoint fuel injection (640 hp at 8,000 rpm, 488 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm)
* 6-speed gearbox
* full-time AWD
* brakes - 8-piston front/4-piston rear, optional front/rear 6-piston ceramics
* steel tube frame/carbon-fiber chassis"

Euro premiere of the Mercedes S65 AMG - Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show: Euro premiere of the Mercedes S65 AMG - Autoblog: "The new S 65 AMG comes with the exclusive high-tech credentials to match its performance potential, from the transmission, through the suspension to the brake system: the drive power is transferred to the wheels in the new S 65 AMG via the AMG SPEEDSHIFT five-speed automatic transmission with AMG shift paddles and DIRECT SELECT gearshift. The AMG sports suspension with Active Body Control is the perfect complement to the sophisticated drive technology. The suspension all but entirely eliminates the body movements that occur when moving off, negotiating bends and braking."

Rolls Royce pulls the tarp off its 101-EX - Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show: Rolls Royce pulls the tarp off its 101-EX - Autoblog: "A nod to the past, but with a bold look towards the future is the theme behind Rolls Royce's latest concept, the 101-EX. So says Ian Cameron, the marque's chief designer who helped unveil what may be an advanced peek at the company's future coupe. As reported before, the big Roller's based on a shortened Phantom platform and crafted from aluminum and tungsten. Sitting atop tasteful 21' 7-spoke alloys with comfortable seating four passengers, it looks to be just the thing for stately motoring. Inside, aluminum, leather and rosewood/red oak trim provide a deliciously rich atmosphere, and a special fiber optic lighting system in the headliner hints at a starlit sky."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

McDonald's to close 25 UK stores

McDonald's to close 25 UK stores: "The travails at the UK operation of McDonald's are set to cost it at least $40m (£23m), the company has told its investors.

McDonald's is closing 25 restaurants in the UK during the first three months of this year. The loss will be made on cancelling leases and other charges.

In addition to the closure, McDonald's is refranchising at least 50 stores that are currently operated by the company.

Elsewhere in the world McDonald's is buying out franchises. It has reached an agreement with its franchisees in Brazil to buy them out at a cost of about $20m (£11.4m). The franchisees had been taking legal action against McDonald's.

The poor UK performance dragged profit margins down at McDonald's European company-owned estate to 14.9% in 2005, compared with 15.6% in 2004. This is the first time that McDonald's has disclosed the profit margins at its company-owned restaurants.

Worldwide, profit margins fell to 15% in 2005, from 15.3% in 2004. The company manages 8,000 of the 31,000 restaurants around the world."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hands on with the Nintendo DS Lite

Engadget: "Well that didn't take long. Hong Kong shipments of Nintendo's new DS Lite haven't even made it to Japan yet, but Lik Sang managed to get an in-depth hands on look at the big N's latest. And they like what they see. They could only nab the 'Crystal White' version, since the other colors will be delayed for a week or so, but they like the look plenty well. The biggest change to the new DS is a brightness control instead of a mere backlight on/off switch of the previous version. Lik Sang claims (with pics to prove) that the first level of brightness equals the old DS, while the other three settings really blow it out of the water. They also preferred the updated directional pad, buttons, and longer stylus. There is also a 1000 mAh battery as opposed to the 850 mAh of the old DS, presumably to deal with the extra screen brightness. We look forward to playing with DS once it makes it over here, but we just might not be able to wait that long."