Saturday, March 11, 2006

Eleksen announces 3 UMPC-optimized keyboards

Engadget: "We have to admit, we're a little hurt that fabric keyboard designer Eleksen didn't give us the heads up about Origami, considering how long they must have known the secret for. Coinciding with the Samsung/ASUS/Founder launch, Eleksen introduced three UMPC-friendly reference designs, indicating that they may be backing away from marketing their own brand in favor of licensing their ElekTex tech to OEMs. Besides UMPC-optimized versions of their rollable USB and Bluetooth models, the company announced a design for a carrying case with an integrated keyboard, media controls, and/or gesture sensors. All three reference designs are available immediately for OEM device integration, although it's unclear when we'll actually see products on the shelves."

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