Monday, March 27, 2006

Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage

Comparison: Firefox 2.0a1 vs. IE7b2 memory usage - Download Squad: "Josiah Cole at Oomny, a very odd little gem of a blog, has posted an interesting comparison of the memory usage of Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 ('Bon Echo') and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, both of which were released this week? The results are a little surprising. Firefox consistently outperforms IE, IE using slightly more than half the memory for single pages. Cole notes, however, that IE's memory use drops significantly when the browser is in the background or minimized, wheras Firefox's stays constant. Cole also does some tests using multiple tabs in which Firefox again performs well, but these results are offset by the fact that he's using an about:config tweak that makes his experience atypical. Still, though both browsers are early in their development cycles, it's interesting to see how Mozilla's alpha browser compares to Microsoft's beta."

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