Tuesday, March 07, 2006

British bars home to sex-toy vending machines

IOL: British bars home to sex-toy vending machines: "London - Bars and night clubs in London and other British cities have begun using vending machines that sell sex toys such as small vibrators.

The pink Tabooboo machines had previously been used in public toilets in Britain under the assumption that such settings gave buyers some privacy.

But Geoff Todd, manager of the Alphabet Bar in London's West End, said the Tabooboo machine it installed in the middle of the bar was used daily.

'Some people use it just because it's in the bar. Some make a special journey, maybe because they are to embarrassed to go into a sex shop,' Todd was quoted as saying by Monday's The Guardian newspaper.

It's been a great success
'Some buy the toys because they are a novelty, some for a laugh, some as presents. It's been a great success.'

In addition to bars and night clubs in London, Manchester and Newcastle, the vending machines also have begun to show up in hairdressing salons, health clubs and retail stores, Tabooboo managing director Alan Lucas said.

The company also has exported about 20 machines to Italy and 10 to the US.

"The younger generation isn't fazed by sex toys. They don't believe they equal pornography. Vending machines allow them to buy such products anonymously and without having to go to a sex shop," Lucas said.

The 11 different toys in the vending machines sell for an average £5 (about HK$60) each, Lucas said.

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