Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Power assisted Live Luggage ready to "world premier"

LiveLuggage: "Well, well... three years and change have passed since we first told you about power-assisted Live Luggage. Now it's finally coming to market -- at least that's what we think they mean by a June 26th 2008 "world premier." The PA series of checked baggage features a 12V NiMH rechargeable battery pack supplying power to the wheels when the handle is gripped and the bag is tilted. The bags weighs 10.6kg (23-pounds) which is about 3kg (6.6-pounds) more than standard hard luggage, according to the manufacture. The cases are good for about 1.5 miles of assisted travel under a 32kg load. Of interest, the bags are now 2.6kg heavier than the original case which also featured a more powerful (and possibly exploding?) Lithium Ion battery pack capable of 2.5 miles on a single charge. We guess that was the concession made to get, "all the required accreditations and approvals from the global airport authority." At £700 the cases are likely to remain the preserve of business-class passengers, but similar technology could soon become a part of everyday life. Engineers are already looking at using the motors for prams, golf caddies and even shopping trolleys.."

FF: "Yes, HK$10000 for a luggage its a bit pricey, but it's Right here, Right now, it comes with umbrella and powered wheel, so I absolutely want one, hehehe~"

Laptop/Desktop Hybrid

yankodesign: "Wow, I have seen parsecs worth of concept computer designs during my visit here on Earth, but nothing like this “B-membrane” design by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee. He has taken the need for a bulky monitors right out of the equation and opted for beaming your YouTubing onto any surface you can point the omni-directional projector at. Some highlights of this Kubrick inspired mother ship computer include a membrane keyboard that appears when needed, integrated optical drive and when not used as a computer, the projector can beam ambient light effects on any surface you desire."

FF: "Thats wat I call fungfung's Computer, Awesome~"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nike Lunaracer | Lunartrainer

Hypebeast: "Nike's insatiable appetite for making things faster and lighter has seen them push the performance envelope time and time again. New for this year was the creation of Lunarfoam, a space age material which offers uncompromising weight and responsiveness relative to Nike's previous most lightweight material, Phylon. Coupled with the weight reducing Flywire material, the Lunaracer has the makings of an incredibly featherweight but highly supportive piece of footwear engineering. When weight is not paramount, the Lunartrainer features a highly breathable mesh upper to get you through the most intense training sessions. Both are available now at fungfung.net"

FF: "Wow, i like the colour as well~"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

CLOT Royale x Head Porter Beach Bag

Danny Cheng:"I want the blue colour :)"

hypebeast: "Approximately a month ago, Hong Kong’s lifestyle brand CLOT released their first series of summer Beach bags with famed bag brand Head Porter. Back for a second round, the highly detailed bags are available in two new colors, blue and red. Within each bag, you’ll find CLOT Royale’s trademark use of silk and functional zippers which allow for users to increase the size of their bag. The bags will release at fungfung.net's Juice Store on June 21st with a retail price of $1,680 HKD (approximately $215 USD)."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3.0: available now

Mozilla: "Go get it, Firefox 3.0 has just been released. We're out of beta and looking at web page loads 3- to 4-times faster than Firefox 2.0 and more than 7x faster than IE, according to its makers.

Update: Looks like we're getting ahead of ourselves. Although a file titled, "Firefox 3.0" (without the RC# associated with previous release candidates) is active and available to download, it looks like it's just the RC3 installer placed in the final 3.0 folder."

Download NOW

Sony's 32-inch Bravia TV turns green with our envy

SonyDrive: "Meet the greenest 32-inch TV on the planet, Sony's BRAVIA KDL-32JE1. The set achieves a 232% efficiency rating -- that's just 86kWh/year -- to easily best the 164% rating required for Japan's highest five-star "Energy Saving Label." Spec watchers will find a WXGA (1,366 x 768) LCD, 2,500:1 contrast, 178-degree viewing angle, and range of in/outs including 2x HDMI and 2x component. Yours in Japan starting July 30th for around ¥150,000 or about $1,387."

FF: "Sony Bravia is the best :P"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Eat with your glasses

Yanko Design: "Remember Project A? In what is surely one of Jackie Chan’s best performances there’s a scene where he can’t find any chopsticks to eat his lunch with. Ever the innovator, he grabs a couple of handy pencils to chows down with, and ends up eating both his noodles and the little erasers on the end of the pencils. Clearly designer Brad Gressel has run into similar such difficulties. The arms of his Stix glasses concept are home to a pair of stainless steel tipped chopsticks so the shortsighted on the go will never be caught out again. Unfortunately there isn’t a compartment in the chopsticks for soy sauce, but lets face it, if you forgot that too then lunch was just never on the cards was it?"

FF: "Well, i want to get a glasses too, but not that one..."