Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Social KOLs

Danny Cheng: "I would say nowadays most of the KOLs are just someone who know how to use the social tools; but in the future, most KOLs should build their own platform, as facebook, YouTube, instagram should shut down within 6 years!"

Brands and advertising agencies have switched their focus on influencers and have put a great deal of KOL marketing strategies into their marketing mix, but how much engagement do these KOLs actually inspire?

Social media platforms analytic company Social Power developed a KOL-analysis tool “Kolyzer” using big data and algorithms. The company said it has worked with Hong Kong 4As advertising agencies and brands like Swatch Group, TUMI, AMOREPACIFIC, in a bid to help them identify the right brand ambassadors.

It said most of the time brands or agencies tend to choose popular KOLs based on fan base to boost the awareness of their products. However, the performance of those KOLs may not be good as predicted.

According to one of the KOL Analyzer, the top 10 Facebook KOLs in Hong Kong are,in no particular order:

Hong Kong Top 10 Social KOLs (in no particular order)

Name Fans
JieJie & UncleCat (爵爵&貓叔) 456,979
Dax FC - 鯨魚頻道 (ig: 852hk) 556,979
Linrixi (林日曦) 344,188
MingJais (Ming仔) 343,805
Kingjerentertainment (King Jer 娛樂台) 331,503
Uncle Siu’s British English Club (蕭叔叔英式英文學會) 295,104
undergroundDV (達哥) 121,424
Nothing Serious 105,515
Daidaisiumui (大大與小妹) 94,739
Will Cho 63,945

Source: 香港十大KOL, 香港KOL排行榜, 網紅分析, KOL Marketing, Kolyzer