Monday, April 16, 2012

Business Cards of the Future

Danny Cheng: "Yes, Our Earth definitely need NEW type of Business Card!"

Halo is a simple, yet technologically advanced solution for cutting the inefficiency of business cards and the vast amount of paper waste they produce each year. Using Bluetooth technology, the digital card makes it possible for users to trade cards in one simple selection on the touch-sensitive screen. The transferred “card” can even have its own unique style, just like a regular paper card. There’s also money to be saved in the long run as the user no longer has to purchase replacement cards!

Source: Yanko Design
Designer: Fitorio Leksono

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Know Your Parking Spot in Advance

Danny Cheng: "That's Good, do Times Square, Taikoo Shing and Pacific Place working on this project now?"

Ok so you drive into the public parking lot and keep circling around to find an empty spot. Cut, rewind and refresh! So you are back at the parking lot, only this time the ticket stub prints out the exact next available parking with a color-coded block, indicating the precise location for you. How cool is that! You not only save time in finding a spot, you also can find your way back to the car without a hitch. Awesome!

Designers: Shih Chang-Chi, Huang Shao-Heng & Wang Shou-Yu
Source: Yanko Design

Friday, February 17, 2012

Neat Pizza Fingers

Danny Cheng: "I think Paisano's in Wan Chai should use this concept asap :)"

This Paper Dish concept  is only a well-cut paper with appropriate perforations, that allow you to slice and devour a pizza slice, without getting your hands messy. The idea is very clever, more like a makeshift paper plate, but worth including in my next box of hot takeaway!

Designers: Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee
Source: Yanko Design

Friday, January 27, 2012

Riot Slower Downer

Danny Cheng: "Seems like Hong Kong Police Force & Government might need this, and they might put Ms Chrissie Chau 周秀娜's poster inside the disperse to calm down the protester :O"

With widespread protesting and rioting on the rise, it’s no wonder that concepts like this have become a more popular design subject. Disperse is a system of transportable triangular units that can be arranged in combination to create a series of honeycomb paths that rioters must weave through to reach the destination on the other side. Like the name suggests, the aim is to disperse the mass of people into manageable numbers that law enforcement can safely contend with.

Designer Hsu Sean also hopes that the system would also calm rioters progressively as they worked their way to the other side. It might be wishful thinking, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless!

Designer: Hsu Sean
Source: Yanko Design

Find Tranquility in Furniture

Danny Cheng: "Freedom, personal space and privacy are good at work :)"

 Alain Gilles’ designs, the BuzziHood and BuzziBooth for Buzzispaces, (thats a whole lotta Buzzi!) are all about personal space, privacy, and intimacy. The wall-mounted BuzziHood pictured here offers a quick escape from the surrounding cacophony of distractions so you can have a moment of peace for a phone call or just a quick breather. The BuzziBooth provides a private and comfy setting for intimate conversation in public spaces. Each is made of 100% recyclable, sound-absorbing fabric.

Designer: Alain Gilles for Buzzispaces
Source: Yanko Design

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fujitsu Lifebook – Well Configured Life

Steve Jobs once said that people don’t know what they until you show it to them. This is probably why we have independent gadgets now vying for integration with features of mainstream products. Can your tablet take good pictures; is your cellphone smart like a computer; can your MP3 player shoot videos? Not only are we duplicating applications, we are also diluting the individuality of a device. I’m not going to judge on the technology wastage here, instead I’ll update you on concepts like the Lifebook. An idea that integrates a tablet, camera, phone and music player to collectively form the hardware for a laptop! They all work independently to support their unique identity and yet unify to create a magical device.
The proposed Lifebook is a laptop computer concept based on the principle of “shared hardware”. Currently a lot of hardware is wasted when we use separate devices, as there is often a lot of “repeat” of data stored and features. For example if I have my songs on my music player, why do I have to block the same amount of storage on my laptop? Similarly, if I have a processor sitting in my tablet, why can it not also run/assist my laptop? If I have a fully functional camera with its own memory and image processing power, why do I need to have it repeated in my laptop?
Designer: Prashant Chandra
Source: Yanko Design

Clever ID Tag

Danny Cheng: "Yes, but I think we don't need to buy this ID Tag, this should came with the gadget we bought, and different products should come with different plug design too!"

Braille Electric Plug Tags are Velcro fastening labels that identify a plug using Braille, embossed icon and English abbreviation of products. The concept is backed by the research that many independent visually impaired folks find it difficult to identify their appliance/gadget plugs, especially when many of them are hooked on a multi-socket power board. Clever and easily reusable, the concept is good for regular folks too.

Braille Electric Plug Tags is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.
Designer: Shuwen Chen
Source: Yanko Design & Clever ID Tag

Friday, January 06, 2012

Proinjector – Microwave Projector Concept

Danny Cheng: "I think the Microwave should record the video and share on YouTube & viddy too :)"

Based on the theory that microwave poses a greater health risk to pregnant women, children and the silver generation; Proinjector has been designed to project a realtime image of how the food is cooking onto a wall. The cooking can be monitored from afar without risking unnecessary exposure. Basically keeping an eye from a distance; smart!

via: reddot