Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eggs Anywhere

Danny Cheng: "Yeh, can cook eggs without hot boiling water!"

The ultra-portable Heater Egg Card utilizes a wire-web and thin skin that envelops the egg to reduce heating time. The casing can then be “smooshed” together to make it as thin as a credit card. Small enough to take anywhere in your wallet, purse, or other compact carrier.

Designer: Jidanjiareqi Limian

Monday, December 12, 2011

Outta-the-door Reminder

Danny Cheng: "Yes, this should installed in all apt @Hong Kong"

So, you and the family is going on this big vacation and just as you finish locking up everything and shut the main door, your wife calls out – hon, did you check the gas and switch-off all the lights? Sounds familiar? How about if you had the ‘Off’ installed! It is a door handle with connections to your mains like gas supply and electricity. Simply switch off both or either one of the services by rotating the dial and flip it back to activate it all. Super cool and innovative I tell ya!

Off is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Eun Ah Kim, Jinhyuk Rho & Maria Rho

Monday, December 05, 2011

The Ultimate Green Hotel

Danny Cheng: "Would like to see this hotel in Hong Kong, London, Seoul and Toyko :)"

The Urban Hotel is a very well thought-out solar-powered ‘green’ hotel. It features rainwater recycling system and a bicycle in each room, to help visitors explore the city. Now the cool thing here is that there is a specific slot in the room to place the bike and you can use it as an exercise cycle. Stored kinetic energy from it gets converted to electricity and helps power small gadgets and lights. If you get enthusiastic enough, for all you know, you could end up renting the room for free! Apparently all your pedaled miles get converted to energy savings and can be redeemed against the room rent. Sweet!

Designers: Lo Li-Te, Tai-Yen Lee, Cheng-Yu, Tsai Zong-Huei & Hsu Song-Jung Chen