Sunday, November 19, 2006

A380 superjumbo lands in Hong Kong

A380 superjumbo lands in HK: "The Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft, has touched down for the first time in Hong Kong. The superjumbo landed at 12.25pm today on a technical route-proving flight from Toulouse, France.

Airport Authority Chief Executive Officer David Pang said the airport is among 10 key global airports to partake in this phase of the A380's type certification.

To ensure the airport meets the Civil Aviation Department's licensing requirements for the A380 and other Code-F aircraft, the authority has invested $100 million into facility enhancement. The improvements, completed earlier this year, included widening taxiways and upgrading parking stands. The changes enabled the airport to obtain an aerodrome license for A380 operation in July.

At the airport, the superjumbo will go through a series of facility trials, including parking at airbridges, connecting to fixed ground power and receiving pre-conditioned air. Ramp services like catering, line maintenance and aircraft refueling will also be tested during the plane's overnight stay."

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