Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nokia N95 - The perfect multimedia phone

Review: Nokia N95 (MobileBurn): "Nokia is really starting to up the ante in the race to build the perfect multimedia phone, or 'multimedia computer', as the company likes to call them. Their new N95, officially launched today at the Nokia Open Studio event in New York has a spec sheet that should make even the most die-hard pessimists drool a wee bit. The device looks much like the N80 slider that is currently on the market, but hidden inside that somewhat blocky shape is a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, a GPS receiver, and HSDPA 3G and WiFi 802.11b/g data support - to name but a few of the highlights. One noteable physical difference between the N95 and the N80 that it looks so much like is the N95's dual-direction slider mechanism, which exposes an extra row of hardware buttons for controlling multimedia playback.

The new auto-focus, 5 megapixel camera unit, Nokia's first, makes use of Carl Zeiss optics, just like the N93 and N90 do. Images and videos can be uploaded to a number of different photo gallery and blogging systems. Videos can be recorded at VGA resolution at 30fps, and can be recorded with digital image stabilization. A TV out function on the N95 let users enjoy their works of art on a larger screen, too. The N95 also supports MP3, AAC, M4A, and WMA music playback through its built-in stereo speakers or headphones attached to its 3.5mm headset jack. An FM radio is also included in the N95.

Another new trick for Nokia is the built-in GPS capabilities found in the N95. The N95 comes pre-loaded with a mapping application that covers over 100 countries worldwide. Viewing the maps should be a pleasant experience thanks to the large 2.6" QVGA (240x320) display that can show 16 million different color shades.

Perhaps most amazing, considering all of the new capabilities, is the fact that the N95 is a few millimeters thinner than the N80, and weighs 15g less - coming in at 120g total. All of this multimedia power should be available to consumers in Q1 of 2007 at a price of around 550EUR before taxes and network subsidies. Nokia USA says that the N95 will not be released in the United States, but that they will offer "something similar" with the same technologies in 2007 for the North American market."

FF: "Wow, AMAZING, wifi, GPS, Carl Zeiss optics etc... and its Nokia as well :P"

Nokia Updates N70 and N73 with New Music Editions

Nokia Updates N70 and N73 with New Music Editions (MobileBurn): "Amidst the excitement of Nokia announcing the new N75 and N95 smartphones, the company also refreshed its N73 and the aging N70, joining the N91 8GB in a new special edition music range of handsets.

Unlike the N91 8GB, which had its storage capacity doubled, the refreshed N70 and N73 have not received any significant hardware enhancements. Though sporting a fresh coat of black paint, the only additions to the handsets come in the bundled accessories.

The Nokia N73 Music Edition now comes packaged with a 2GB miniSD memory card, and the N70 Music Edition includes a 1GB RS-MMC card. Both handsets also come bundled with a Pop-Port to 3.5mm headset jack adapter, allowing the use of any third-party set of headphones. A dedicated music button now features on the handsets, where both once had a generic multimedia key.

'Music is an essential part of our daily lives and it has the power to evoke memories and change moods,' said Tommi Mustonen, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. 'With our new Nokia Nseries Music Range, we hope to enhance those personal experiences and make them even more special.'

The N70 and N73 Music Editions are set to be available during October 2006, with prices of 350 Euro (around US$445) and 450 Euro (around US$575) respectively."

FF: "Its looking gd, but I prefer bright colour"