Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cecilia Cheung lashes out at Edison Chen over sex photos

Danny Cheng: "I think it's good to see Cecilia Cheung break her silence, and face the reality"

channelnewsasia: "A Hong Kong actress at the centre of an Internet sex photo scandal has broken her silence about the incident, lashing out at the pop star who took the compromising pictures, a report said Saturday.

Cecilia Cheung, one of several local celebrities shown in the photos with Hong Kong-Canadian actor and singer Edison Chen, said he had never apologised, and that she was still reeling from the ordeal a year later.

"He has never apologised to us personally," Cheung told iCable in an interview broadcast late Friday, according to a report in the English-language South China Morning Post.

"He should at least have called us to say sorry if he genuinely admitted his mistake."

She added: "The photos are still circulating online. How can we live a healthy and happy life? How can we put ourselves back on our feet?"

The photos -- showing Chen in compromising positions with various celebrities including Cheung, Canto-pop star Gillian Chung and former actress Bobo Chan -- became an Internet sensation when they were posted a year ago.

Cheung said she decided to break her silence after Chen gave evidence earlier this week in a Canadian court in the case of Sze Ho-Chun, a computer technician charged here with illegally posting the explicit photos online.

The 28-year-old Chen for the first time identified Cheung, Chung and Chan in the Vancouver court as some of the women in the photos, but said later outside court he wanted to "protect" them and that they had "suffered enough," the Post reported.

Cheung, also 28, angrily retorted: "You should not have come out (now)... saying one thing but doing another in a bid to win the public's forgiveness whilst hurting us."

Chen, one of Asia's biggest stars in film and music, saw his career destroyed by the appearance of hundreds of the sex photos, which caused a storm in celebrity-obsessed but culturally conservative Hong Kong.

The scandal forced him into early retirement and sent him fleeing to his childhood home of Canada."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eco-Neighbuzz Apartment Buzzer Converts Your Building Into a Local Facebook Directory

gizmodo: "Door buzzers/intercoms are one of those fugly things in your house that nobody pays attention to. Which is precisely the contrary of this Eco-Neighbuzz, a beautiful intercom that allows you to exchange messages with neighbours.

You can think about the Eco-Neighbuzz as a way to build a local Facebook in your own building. Neighbours would be able to drop messages into your unit and viceversa, enabling an ongoing communication with the people around you, and opening the possibilities to collaboration between everyone in the building. As designer Korhan Buyukdemirci explains: 'Eco-neighbuzz is an apartment buzzer & intercom system with additional features. Today's existing intercom systems work only between outside door and flat. However, we can improve this system to support the existing community inside the building. Even though today we are living in tall concrete blocks built in big metropolises, we are not communicating with our neighbours as we did years ago. Sometimes we even don't know who is living in the building and what they are doing.'

It's a good idea. On one side I like this building community system, but do we really need to blow one of the few opportunities we have to interact with humans face to face? And even if we agree that this could help communication, I don't know if people would be interested in doing it. Example: I know that the four hot girls next door won't be happy about me stalking them via intercom messages too."

FF: "HK apt sud have this, then we can use the intercoms to lend and borrow PS3's games"