Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Screen Grabs: BlackBerry Eyed PlayBooks & Monster Beats 2011

Danny Cheng: "Is that new Headphones by Monster Beats in the video too? So nice~~"

Engadget: "Whoulda thunk that the third time we'd see the BlackBerry PlayBook on video, it'd be in the hands of cube-headed dopplegangster Will.I.Shill? Not us, but we're terribly excited to see the 7-inch tablet show off its augmented reality chops in the Black Eyed Peas' latest music video. We're not really sure what alternate reality hijinks turned the musicians into 8-bit portraits nor pixelated their world, but the BEP sure look adorable as Xbox LIVE-friendly avatars. Watch it after the break, or skip to 2:12, 3:16 and 3:54 if you just want to get your tablet on."

"Angry Birds" & Evil Pigs & Peace Treaty = Destruction

Danny Cheng: "Angry Birds and Evil Pig look like the current situation of North and South Korea~"

mashable: "Have you ever wondered why the angry birds and evil pigs from Angry Birds can’t put aside their differences? A new YouTube video helps explain why.

Angry Birds have taken the world by storm. It is the iPhone’s most popular game (no longer the top-grossing one) and hugely popular on Android. For those of you who haven’t played yet, the story focuses around the angry birds trying to reclaim their eggs from the evil pigs.

In this short, two-and-a-half minute video (which is going viral as we speak), the angry birds finally sit down at the negotiating table with the evil pigs to end the struggle, “which has cost millions of innocent people their ability to concentrate in work.” However, things go wrong and not even the negotiator or the Angry Birds (Angry Birds) theme music can keep both sides from engaging in all-out war.

The video was created by Erez Nehederet (Hebrew for “Wonderful Country”), a popular live sketch comedy show in Israel, as part of a promotional campaign for its upcoming season. Originally the video was created in Hebrew, but after a lot of U.S. interest, the video’s creators created the English version that you see here."

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Beast M55 Bike

Danny Cheng: "love the Titanium, carbon fiber and likes the Hybrid drive “pedelec” system"

Yanko Design: "This is a fast bike. It’s called “The Beast” and it’s designed and executed by M55 Bikes and it goes 40 miles per hour. One charge on this electric bike and you’ll go as far as 75 miles even off-road. That’s impressive, yes? It’s made of custom parts created by M55’s seasoned engineers, using technology and materials used in Formula One cars and supersportscars alike. Titanium, carbon fiber, CNC machining, and a brushless motor mechanism, plus more!

Each of the non-custom parts on this magical machine are of the finest quality, chosen by the M55 crew to meet golden standards. It’s got a hybrid drive, making it an addition to your high-falootin human powers. Each time the sensor feels you need some extra torque, it packs a punch and blasts you forward, multiplying your power like one of those Japanese exosuits from the comic books. Such a monster.

M55 Beast
Hybrid drive “pedelec” system
Max speed 40 mph
Up to 75 miles potential range with one charge
Utilizing the finest materials and components available
Performance and luxury – no compromise

Frame: Monocoque 7075 CNC Aluminum & carbon fiber plates
Battery: Tenergy Polimer Li-Ion cells (20mAh)
Motor: EB-PC motor with 5.2 Nm torque"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sony Google TV HDTVs and Blu-ray player launch details revealed

Danny Cheng: "Logitech Revue or Sony TV? Both are my favorite devices maker~ great move Google :)"

Engadget: "Straight from Sony's Google TV unveiling in New York we finally know the official details of its plans, which include four HDTVs (24-, 32- , 40- and 46-inch) with prices from $599 to $1,399, plus a funky white set-top box with built-in Blu-ray player for $399. The 24-inch is a CCFL backlit LCD, while the larger models all feature edge LED lighting, while all of them feature built in WiFi, so no need to go stringing any new network cables to the living room. The only custom app we're seeing among the preinstalled ones (Netflix, CNBC, Napster, Pandora and more) is a Sony Qriocity VOD player, for more you'll be waiting for the Android Market to hit in early 2011. If you want to be the first on your block with one, hit up the local Sony Style outlet when they go on sale this weekend, or Best Buy stores starting October 24"

Friday, October 01, 2010

New Planet Discovered 2010 Called Gliese 581g: Can It Sustain Life?

Danny Cheng: 'Gliese 581 is located 20 light years away from Earth? May be we need F-rocket~~"

Dots Period: "New Planet Discovered 2010: Gliese 581g aka Goldilocks Planet – Among the planets in our solar system, our planet Earth is the only one which can sustain life. Scientists have been exploring the universe for quite some time now in search for another planet which can support life. One of the most studied planet is the red planet known as Mars because of the possible presence of water. However, based on further research, the lack of a magnetosphere and its extremely thin atmosphere pose great challenge to life’s sustainability.

A recent study conducted by a team of planet hunters from the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington led to the discovery of a new planet using the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Accordingly, the new findings are based on 11 years of observations of the nearby red dwarf star Gliese 581. Gliese 581 is located 20 light years away from Earth in the constellation Libra.

The new planet discovered is located in the Gliese 581 star system, in the so-called “Goldilocks zone” or an area where planets can can support liquid water on their surface. Hence the new planet discovered was named “Gliese 581g” or the “Goldilocks Planet”. Reportedly, this new planet has a mass of three to four times that of Earth and orbits its star in just under 37 days.

There’s one more interesting fact about this newly discovered planet called Gliese 581g. Since it is tidally locked to the Gliese 581 dwarf star, one side of the planet is always facing the star and is in perpetual daylight, while the side facing away from the star is in perpetual darkness."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hong Kong PSi Tower, way out of scale with the other buildings in Hong Kong?

Danny Cheng: "What's that? is he trying to block the entire skyline here in Hong Kong? lol~~"

Dezeen: "British Hong Kong based designer Michael Young has been commissioned to develop building project strategies for Wanchai Cultural District. The first concept PSi Tower has been developed as an office complex with luxury apartments for business users and executives overlooking Kowloon district. Conceptually the project, based visually on the essence of ancient Chinese building techniques, has been carried forward into the 21st Century with its multi facetted surfaces that change according to weather and light conditions.

The 5-hectare site will include a ground level internal atrium for public art and pedestrian use, containing outdoor restaurants with outdoor seating. The upper central interior section also boasts a native plantation that encloses an outdoor theatre area.

Having lived in Hong Kong for several years, Young wanted to design a building that could be both understood by local residents and also be compelling on an international platform. Young, who has humorously stated he wanted to pickle Fosters Gherkin at the unveiling in Wanchai cultural centre today, admitted it was a great pleasure to work on such a large scale after watching great architects challenge the furniture industry over the years, and that finally the industry was becoming symbiotic a natural evolution of technology and engineering.

Detailed information on the project will be unveiled at presentation and public exhibition during 100% Design Shanghai in early November at Nanjing West Road.

Project: PSi Tower Hong Kong
Client: PSi Partners & PC Building Corp China
Design: Michael Young Projects Ltd
Place: Hong Kong, China 2010
Planning and consultant: Porbic Partners
Local Architect: Arnold Woo & Partners"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nokia hires Peter Skillman, former Palm Design VP, as MeeGo user experience chief

Danny Cheng: "Sweet, this is good news, good move Nokia :)"

Engadget: "Now this, this is what we call exciting. Nokia has managed to scoop up Peter Skillman from the wreckage of the HP/Palm merger. One of the many senior VPs to leave Palm upon its assimilation into the HP empire, Peter spent 11 years with his previous employer and was in charge of the design team that produced the deliciously curvaceous Palm Pre. Now at Nokia, he'll be heading up the user experience and services division for MeeGo, which means that if you weren't excited for the platform already, you've now got a very good reason to be."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Business brothers: Nick and Christian Candy bought the site for £150m in 2004 before developing it into luxury flats - One Hyde Park

Danny Cheng: "One Hyde Park looks just like my halls of residence at Aston University, which called Lakeside; so, can I rent and live there for £75 per week?"

Mail: "The £140m flat: World-record price earns mystery buyer boasts a penthouse view over Central London, a private wine-tasting facility and an underground passage to a Heston Blumenthal restaurant.

There is also a tunnel to the neighbouring Mandarin Oriental Hotel – where TV chef Blumenthal will soon open his first London restaurant – to allow residents access to 24-hour room service, while the performance car-maker McLaren is opening a showroom on the ground floor.

And should the residents feel the need to venture outside, the local ‘corner shops’ include Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Throw in security measures a James Bond villain would be proud of and a ‘panic room’ in case things go wrong, and you would expect to pay a high price.

But even estate agents could not contain their amazement yesterday as a London property was on the verge of being sold for £140million – making it the most expensive flat in the world.

The previous most expensive flat was valued at £115million in a rival Central London development at St James’s Square in 2008.

Trevor Abrahamson of estate agent Glentree Estates said of the latest sale: ‘This is a huge price. In the last six months we have sold more trophy properties than we have in the last two years.

'One minute there was an over-supply and then there was a shortage. Prices are high.’

While the identity of the new owner is shrouded in secrecy, the usual super-rich suspects of Russian oligarchs and Arab billionaires are in the frame.

In all a quarter of buyers in the block are Middle Eastern, while one third are European.

Around 65 per cent of all the properties in the block – due to open later this year – have been sold. The average cost is, comparatively speaking, a mere trifle, at £20million.

The £140million price tag is seen as a sign that the top end of the property market has been untouched by the recession as the world’s financial elite continue to flock to London, taking advantage of the weakness of the pound.

The property, designed by architect Lord (Richard) Rogers’s firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, is being marketed by developer brothers Christian and Nick Candy.

They bought the site, formerly occupied by a grim 1950s office block, for £150million in 2004.

Candy & Candy refused to comment on the sale of the flat, citing client confidentiality.

The Candys hit the headlines recently over their efforts to redevelop Chelsea Barracks after the Prince of Wales complained to their Qatari backers about the design.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nokia Responds to Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 Antenna Press Conference

Danny Cheng: "Steve Jobs, Shame on You! It is a shame that Steve Jobs has to bring Nokia into Apple's problems.. I have never seen this sticker on the back of my Nokia phone ever. He was taking responsibility until he mentioned Nokia! Next time he should make sure his research is a 100% when trying to prove a point... So where are the pics from the web? If he didn't want to show it at the press conference, than he should post them on the Apple website/blog... Also Steve Jobs why bring other companies to your mess apple !"

Nokia Blog: "Steve Jobs held a press conference today about the iPhone 4 reception problems. It resulted in free cases for iPhone 4 owners and waived return fees for unsatisfied buyers. He also claims left-handed "death grip" bar-dropping problem on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II, and also mentioned Nokia during the conference by saying, “You can go on the web and look at pictures of Nokia phones that ship with stickers on the back that say ‘don’t touch here’.” A couple of hours after the Apple event, Nokia released a statement.

In short, Nokia says antenna performance of a mobile device/phone may be affected with a tight grip, but they design their phones to ensure acceptable performance in all real life cases. If they are ever in conflict, they prioritize antenna performance over physical design. Read the full statement below.

"Antenna design is a complex subject and has been a core competence at Nokia for decades, across hundreds of phone models. Nokia was the pioneer in internal antennas; the Nokia 8810, launched in 1998, was the first commercial phone with this feature.

Nokia has invested thousands of man hours in studying human behavior, including how people hold their phones for calls, music playing, web browsing and so on. As you would expect from a company focused on connecting people, we prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they are ever in conflict.

In general, antenna performance of a mobile device/phone may be affected with a tight grip, depending on how the device is held. That’s why Nokia designs our phones to ensure acceptable performance in all real life cases, for example when the phone is held in either hand. Nokia has invested thousands of man hours in studying how people hold their phones and allows for this in designs, for example by having antennas both at the top and bottom of the phone and by careful selection of materials and their use in the mechanical design.""

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Study: OMG, Facebook's Ending Tomorrow! What Do You Do?

Danny Cheng: "If Facebook ending, I should buy their domain name, hehehe~~"

Fast Company: "What would Facebook's 500 million active users do if the world's largest social network were to be shut down? Better yet, what would you do?

That was the topic covered in a study conducted at Stanford by Andreas Weigend, the former chief scientist of Amazon, who asked respondents to imagine a scenario where Facebook were shut down and all its data destroyed. Can we live without the service? The results provide insight into what matters most to users of social networks.

According to the study, approximately 40% of respondents would back up photos, compared with the 38.7% who said they would back up contacts, which suggests that pictures are just as important to social networking as having contacts. "Photos are a very important way to maintain richness in social relations," says Chuanyang Chee, who helped Weigend conduct the study. Indeed, the study attempts to show how social networks are important in creating a "collective memory," and how its features, such as photo albums, help contribute to "each individual's online autobiography." About 38% of respondents said photos were Facebook's most important feature, whereas only 28% said the newsfeed was its best feature.

Of course, a smaller percentage of respondents provided a refreshing answer to the question: They would do nothing if Facebook were ending. Chee says that this small segment actually didn't care about whether their Facebook account were deleted, but only because they either "already backed up all their contacts or because they use another program to store all their photos."

Still, there were some--an unfortunately tiny fraction of respondents--who would not be concerned if Facebook ended, even if meant losing all their data. "These are people who are in touch with their close friends--they already have all their necessary information," explains Chee. "So it's not as important to them to stay in touch through Facebook."

Wait, friends exist outside Facebook?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nintendo 3DS gets official, includes 3D camera

Danny Cheng: "Wow~~ wanna know the price now... MUST BUY~"

Engadget: "We've been reading about it for what seems like ages, looking over images of the FCC prototype with a magnifying glass, and now Nintendo is showing it off at its E3 press conference. The company that Mario built is trumping up how superior its glasses-free technology is better than others, "a solution that lets you take 3D gaming along with you wherever you go" according to Reggie. The upper screen is surprisingly only 3.5-inches, not the wider that we'd expected. There is a slider on the side that lets you tweak the 3D effect, seemingly enabling you to adjust its depth based on your distance from the screen -- or turn it off entirely. As with the current DS, the bottom is a touchscreen, and is not 3D.

That's what looks to be an analog stick on the side there, as well, that Nintendo is calling a "Slide Pad." There is a gyro, motion sensor, it's compatible with DSi games, and has two cameras enabling 3D photos. Nintendo is also talking up partnerships including Disney, games that are said to be playable today, at the show, with one of the highlights being a new Kid Icarus game which looks quite action-packed to say the least -- and has better graphics than most of the Wii titles Nintendo has shown thus far. Nintendo has mentioned the 3DS will have the "biggest launch support ever" from third party devs, and a 3D Nintendogs should be a huge seller -- if only because it has cats too. Other games include Madden, Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil, a Batman title, Splinter Cell, and, finally, a Metal Gear Solid entry.

Nintendo is also talking about how the system will seek out WiFi hotspots or other 3DS systems "without you knowing," which sounds a bit ominous, to be honest. Systems can communicate regardless of which games are being played. It can even pull in new DLC directly from other consoles, all without a monthly fee.

Still no release date or price, but Nintendo is showing off two colors, red and blue, and they're said to be playable on the show floor. You can be sure we'll be running there right now."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Central World, Siam Square, Siam Paragon, Centara Grand, Stock Exchange, Channel 3, and multiple banks are burning in Bangkok

Danny Cheng: "OH NO...... Central World on Fire...... Red-Shirt should STOP NOW!"

Heraldsun: "FIRES broke out at a major shopping centre, the Thai stock exchange and other locations in Bangkok after an army offensive that shut down a protest camp in the capital, a fire official said.

Blazes were reported at Central World, one of South-East Asia's largest shopping centres, as well as the Stock Exchange of Thailand, a branch of an electricity company, a television station and a bank, the official said.

The government announced a night-time curfew to deal with any "rogue protesters" who ignore a call by leaders of the anti-government Red Shirt movement to end their weeks-long rally in the heart of the capital.

The causes of the blazes were not clear but there were local media reports that some hardcore anti-government protesters had lit fires because they were unhappy with the Red Shirt leaders' decision to surrender.

Protest leaders surrendered and told supporters to go home after a deadly army assault on their fortified encampment.

A police spokesman said crack officers had been deployed with authorisation to shoot on sight anybody looting, committing arson or inciting unrest."

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nokia N8 - Connect. Create. Entertain.

Danny Cheng: "Yes Nokia :)"

Symbian World: "While Samsung, Motorola and HTC all announced new flagship devices during the Mobile World Congress 2010, Nokia relied on their Nokia N97 (mini) and the N900 and did not announced a new powerhouse. The media as well as Nokia-fan boys have been eager to see a new and fresh Nokia devices running Symbian^3 but Nokia really took its time but eventually, on the 27th of April, the N8 has been officially announced.

Specwise, the N8 is equipped with pretty much everything a flagship device needs in 2010. The real excitement of this device is around the imaging capability. 12 megapixels with autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, a Xenon flash, face recognition and a wide angle lens guarantee crystal clear images. Of course, megapixels don’t indicate how good a camera is. Though the N8 has the biggest sensor ever used in a phone, hence one can expect high quality results. And there is even more to it. Videos are recorded with 720p HD resolution at 25 frames per second which than can be playbacked via the HDMI port on your large TV set."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook's Privacy Changes Get Scary

Danny Cheng: "Facebook, can you protect our privacy please?"

Gizmodo: "Facebook's long had some privacy issues, and now that they're broadening their reach on the web, who knows what'll happen next? Oh, right. We do:

2007 - Facebook Beacon links your purchases at online stores to your Facebook account so your friends (and marketers) can see what you're buying.

2010 - Facebook makes it impossible for you to hide certain information, such as your interests and location, from everybody.

2011 - Facebook History Tracker makes your web surfing history publicly viewable on your feed (and to marketers). After a brief uproar, Facebook enables an "incognito mode" for when you want to look at porn, but it's buried deep within the settings and automatically shuts off after each session.

2012 - Facebook Life Recorder is a small camera apparatus that's worn on your head, automatically tagging the friends you interact with via facial recognition and posting to your wall. Information such as where you shop and what you buy is put into a database (for marketers).

2014 - Facebook Implant combines a chemical scanner with a GPS chip. Everything you eat and everywhere you go are automatically posted to your News Feed in minute detail. This setting can be deactivated through outpatient surgery.

2015 - Facebook Guy Who Moves Into Your House With You and Is Always On the Phone With Potential Advertisers Telling Them What You're Doing meets initial resistance, but once the site starts publicizing its "Watcher Marriages"—instances where a follower and followee have fallen in love—public opposition melts away.

2016 - Mark Zuckerberg is elected president in the first election that allows voting via Liking candidates on Facebook.

2017 - Facebook User Relocation to Facebook's Headquarters ensures Facebook's ability to track every single thing you do to post to your Feed. Considered necessary after "Watcher Marriages" resulted in too many compromised Facebook Guys Who Move Into Your House With You.

2018 - Facebook Pods provide remote 24 hour contact with Facebook, as well as all bodily needs, including food delivery and waste removal (which is then provided to marketers for analysis).

2020 - Facebook Genital Pictures takes pictures of everyone's junk, which was real easy what with everyone in those Pods. Finally, Facebook fulfills its ultimate destiny: showing you (and marketers) everyone you've ever met with no clothes on."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 now rerouting to Hong Kong domain, an 'entirely legal' workaround to censorship woes

Danny Cheng: "Banned Google and YouTube in China? wtf? lucky we live in Hong Kong :)"

Engadget: "It's not quite the ceasing of operations that the local papers were reporting last week, but Google has announced today what it's calling an "entirely legal" way of giving mainland China unfiltered search results. The domain now redirects to its Hong Kong servers via, providing uncensored access in simplified Chinese. Needless to say, any mainland Google China servers have thus been given an early retirement. "We very much hope that the Chinese government respects our decision, though we are well aware that it could at any time block access to our services," writes David Drummond, SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, on the official Google Blog, while also noting to expect some slowdown while the HK servers deal with an expanded load of users. As for its men and women on the ground, Google reiterates that these decisions were driven by executives in the U.S. "and that none of [its] employees in China can, or should, be held responsible for them." R&D work will continue on the mainland, and a sales presence will remain. The company has created a "China service availability" page, promised to be updated daily, for seeing what parts of Google's business are being blocked by the country at any given time -- as of today, that includes Youtube, Google Sites, Blogger, and partial blocks of Docs, Picasa, and Groups. We're very curious to see how the page'll look in tomorrow's update.

Update: China has given its own response, in English. The wording is rather harsh, remarking that " it is unfair for Google to impose its own value and yardsticks on Internet regulation to China, which has its own time-honored tradition, culture and value." The statement goes on to say that the Google's "ambition to change China's Internet rules and legal system will only prove to be ridiculous" and should it continue to "politicalize itself," it'll only lose credibility among the country's web users and ultimately "will make Google end up to be the biggest loser." Full statement via CCTV. "

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sony just officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller

Engadget: "No surprise here: Sony just officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller at GDC 2010, calling it the "next generation of motion gaming" because it's so precise -- latency is about the same as the DualShock 3. As expected, it uses the PlayStation Eye camera to track the controller, and Sony says it becomes an "extension of your body." The plan is not only to engage casual gamers, but to use the precision of the controller to create "new experiences for core gamers" -- many of the demo videos we saw involved using a controller video in each hand, and there were quote a few demos of action / RPG games. We also saw a demo of Move Party, which uses the camera to do augmented reality gaming and video chat. The demos are pretty impressive -- Sony's not kidding when it says the Move is incredibly precise. There's also going to be a secondary "subcontroller" with an analog stick for shooters -- you can play all the way through SOCOM4 with just the Move and the sub-controller. (Yes, it's just like the Wii Nunchuk, only wireless.)

You'll be able to get Move in three ways: in a bundle with a PS3, standalone, and in a starter kit targeted at "under $100" with the PS Eye, a controller, and a game. That's all the pricing info we have right now, but it certainly sounds aggressive -- Sony says they're treating this like a major console launch, so expect to see this everywhere when it launches around the holidays."

FF: "I want more good games :)"

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sony Bravia NX800 HDTV, art-inspired~

Yanko Design: "Sony is taking the LED HDTV game to a whole new level with their art-inspired Bravia NX800 series HDTV. Priced from HK$19,880, the new NX800 features 200HZ Motionflow technology, integrated WiFi and even an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the TV brightness based on the lighting level in the room. With support for Netflix, YouTube and Slacker movie and music streaming built-in, there really is no reason to even turn on your PC – or get off the sofa for that matter. Other features include a USB port so you can play music, pictures or video from a thumbdrive.

Sony produced about the auspicious design and the designers themselves. A brief glimpse into Sony’s Japanese headquarters and short interviews with the surprisingly young group of designers served its purpose by changing my mind about a company whom I once thought was extremely long in the tooth. These young people spoke of revision and change, admittingly taking responsibility for Sony’s lackluster design in the past decade. They saw 2010 as an opportunity to change everything. This time, they would define their own agenda. Instead of playing catch-up to other first rate brands, Sony would forge ahead with what they once dominated the ID landscape with; slick Japanese electronic design.

The NX800 is the first of many products to embrace this new design aesthetic Sony calls Monolithic. Think tall, sleek, angular, and statuesque. There’s nothing organic about it. It’s meant to stand in opposition to everything else around it. Love it or hate it, it draws you in. This is the first time in a long time where I’ve felt Sony has a win. This isn’t like anything else on the market. It doesn’t look like LG, Samsung, Vizio, Toshiba or Apple. This is uniquely Sony.

This is a good thing. Sony has always had great technology but they could never find a way to package it in a compelling way. Designed to create a remarkable sense of space, the 52″ NX800 has an innovative six-degree tilt, so you can position the TV at lower levels. Mounting on walls is so passe now. The entire screen is Edge LED backlight providing instant on/off. The latest BRAVIA Engine lives up to its reputation by delivering incredibly saturated imagery rich in detail and color. The 240Hz screen means action oriented imagery never “ghosts” or blurs as the refresh rate attempts to compensate. It’s all crystal clear, like glass.

Having a razor sharp screen isn’t enough these days. All the major manufactures now share their panel tech and just slap on buzz words to make it all sound alluring. To be successful you’ve got to embrace where digital entertainment is moving towards – the internet.

It’s got built in Wi-Fi and with your in-home broadband connection, you can access online content from Netflix, Slacker Radio, and YouTube. Although widgets are old news for computers – they’re new for TV’s. The NX800 lets you watch programs with multiple widgets open and arrange them however you want."

FF: "I love this TV so much, It shows extreme attention to detail. Kudos Sony."

Nike 2010 Spring Air Max 1 Grey/Orange

hypebeast: "Spring 2010 welcomes another colorway of Nike’s Air Max 1, this time done up in a simple grey/orange color scheme, accented with white throughout. Suede and mesh make up the uppers with a toned down orange adding just enough pop for Spring. Look for these to drop early next month via Nike retail accounts"

FF: "Nice, I like Orange and Nike :)"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz in Gmail = Google vs Facebook

Google Blog: "Google launching Google Buzz, a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting and share updates, photos, videos and more. Buzz is built right into Gmail, so there's nothing to set up — you're automatically following the people you email and chat with the most.

Google focused on making the sharing experience really rich by integrating photos, videos, and links. No more fuzzy little pictures: Buzz makes it easy to quickly flip through photos and experience them the way they Googlere meant to be seen: big and full-resolution. And videos play inline so you can watch them without opening a new window.

You can choose to share publicly with the world or privately to a small group of friends each time you post. And you can connect other sites you use, today there's Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, and Twitter, so your friends can keep up with what you're doing around the Googleb — all in one place.

To make sure you don't miss out on the best part of sharing, Buzz sends responses to your posts straight to your inbox. Unlike static email messages, buzz messages in your inbox are live conversations where comments appear in real time.

You can follow the specific people whose posts you want to see, but Buzz also recommends posts from people you're not directly following, often ones where your friends are having a lively conversation in the comments. If you're not interested in a particular recommendation, just click the "Not interested" link and your feedback will help improve the recommendations system. Buzz also Googleeds out uninteresting posts from the people you follow — collapsing inactive posts and short status messages like "brb." These early versions of ranking and recommendations are just a start; Google're working on improvements that will help you automatically sort through all the social data being produced to find the most relevant conversations that matter to you.

For all those times when you want to share something but aren't in front of your computer, Buzz is also available on your phone. When you're out in the real world, a lot of the information you want to share often has to do with where you are: for example, you may want to talk about a new restaurant you discovered or the score of the game you're watching. So rather than simply a small screen version of the desktop experience, Buzz for mobile brings location to the forefront and makes it easy to have conversations about places. In addition to checking out buzz from people you're following, you can also see nearby buzz from the people around you.

FF: "Woooooo, Google vs Facebook"

Friday, January 29, 2010

iPad's Lack of Flash, BAD APPLE

gizmodo: "As you're probably aware, the Apple iPad, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, doesn't support Flash. Apple has its reasons for this, but clearly Adobe isn't happy about it. Here's their response.

Adobe: "It looks like Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers. Unlike many other ebook readers using the ePub file format, consumers will not be able to access ePub content with Apple's DRM technology on devices made by other manufacturers. And without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access the full range of web content, including over 70% of games and 75% of video on the web.

If I want to use the iPad to connect to Disney, Hulu, Miniclip, Farmville, ESPN, Kongregate, or JibJab — not to mention the millions of other sites on the web — I'll be out of luck.

Adobe and more than 50 of our partners in the Open Screen Project are working to enable developers and content publishers to deliver to any device, so that consumers have open access to their favorite interactive media, content, and applications across platform, regardless of the device that people choose to use."

The main arguments against Flash running on the iPad is that it's a resource hog and a security risk. Both true! Hopefully the web is moving away from relying on Flash for videos and ugly menus, with HTML5 acting as a more-than-adequate replacement. But we're not there yet. While I can appreciate the fact that Apple is trying to keep the iPad more stable by not including Flash, the fact that it kills off most online gaming and video streaming in the process makes the tradeoff questionable."

FF: "BAD APPLE, we need Flash unless HTML5 is here... I know NOT SUPPORTING flash is a brilliant strategy for Apple; Because 70% of games are flash-based, there would be little reason to pay for (or develop) games for the iPhone/iPad. but we need Flash, have Flash, Appledaily have Flashhhhhhhhhhhhh etc......, APPLE SUCKS, PPL DO NOT BUY iPad!"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple announces ' iPad ' touchscreen tablet

msnbc: "After months of rampant speculation, Apple Wednesday announced a touchscreen tablet computer, the "iPad" for consumers who want to take their movies, TV shows, music, games and reading with them, be it around the house or on the go; and what is the battery life like? iPad have been able to achieve 10 hours of battery life. can take a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole time. And it has over a month of standby time.

"We want to kick off 2010 with a truly revolutionary and magical product," CEO Steve Jobs told a packed audience at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Apple's new product comes at a time when e-readers, like Amazon's Kindle and others from Barnes & Noble and Sony are on the market, with more coming this year from companies such as Samsung and the Hearst Corp."

FF: "im testing with iPad now~"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lenovo LePhone launching in Le May

Engadget: "As Google and China trade blows on the global stage Lenovo just keeps on truckin' with its plans to launch the Android-powered LePhone in China and overseas. Samsung and Motorola you'll recall, already bent under Google's pressure and agreed to delay the launch of their respective handsets in China last week. Lenovo execs are planning for a hat-trick launch in May on China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Telecom with a rest of world launch expected later in the year. Lenovo shareholders also approved the company's planned buy-back of its mobile handset division today, making them just the latest tier-1 PC maker to join the smartphone party."

FF: "I love Nokia, however, I love Google too, so Lenovo rocks~"