Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hands on with the Nintendo DS Lite

Engadget: "Well that didn't take long. Hong Kong shipments of Nintendo's new DS Lite haven't even made it to Japan yet, but Lik Sang managed to get an in-depth hands on look at the big N's latest. And they like what they see. They could only nab the 'Crystal White' version, since the other colors will be delayed for a week or so, but they like the look plenty well. The biggest change to the new DS is a brightness control instead of a mere backlight on/off switch of the previous version. Lik Sang claims (with pics to prove) that the first level of brightness equals the old DS, while the other three settings really blow it out of the water. They also preferred the updated directional pad, buttons, and longer stylus. There is also a 1000 mAh battery as opposed to the 850 mAh of the old DS, presumably to deal with the extra screen brightness. We look forward to playing with DS once it makes it over here, but we just might not be able to wait that long."

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