Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shahbaz walks out of Big Brother

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Shahbaz walks out of Big Brother: "Big Brother 7 contestant Shahbaz Chauhdry has walked out of the television house, Channel 4 has said.

The 37-year-old Glaswegian was being watched by show psychologists after threatening to kill himself during his time in the house.

In a statement, a show spokeswoman said Shahbaz had decided to leave because he was 'unhappy' and finding it hard to integrate with the other contestants.

She added that all the housemates were free to leave the house at any time.

Shahbaz had earlier described himself as 'a dead man walking' and said the reality television series was to be 'his last curtain call'.

'I came here to die on this programme,' he told concerned housemates.

Channel 4 said the welfare of the 14 participants was 'of the utmost importance'."

FF: " Cruel world, i thought he was the most entertaining person in the house"