Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Toyota’s i-unit on the street

Autoblog - _: "When we first say Toyota’s i-unit personal mobility concept, we thought it was just another crazy concept created for the Tokyo Motor Show to make us foreign journalists laugh. It turns out the i-unit’s been in development for a while and Toyota has actually entertained, or at least analyzed, the idea of producing it. Chester Dawson of BusinessWeek got to road test one at a Toyota dealership in Manhattan. From his description it’s hard to tell whether the i-unit is more Segway-like than car-like. It’s combination of drive-by-wire, information and eco technology make it a rolling showcase for Toyota know-how, but the thing tops out at 25 mph and needs to be plugged in after 30 minutes of use. If Toyota can improve the i-unit’s stamina, we may just rent one for our next golf outing."

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