Friday, November 04, 2005

iRiver to hold Bae Yong Joon U10 training classes >

Engadget - "iRiver to hold Bae Yong Joon U10 training classes >

It looks like iRiver Japan realized the problem they faced with the Bae Yong Joon edition iRiver U10: its target audience, lonely Japanese women over 40, aren’t exactly renowned for their technical expertise. iRiver to the rescue, as the company has announced plans for special training classes to be held free of charge at the “iRiver Plaza Shibuya” in Tokyo on November 15th, 22nd, and December 1st. Over a grueling two hours, the training class will cover how to access the preloaded Bae Yong Joon voice samples, how to run a slideshow, set the device’s alarm clock, rip a CD to it, and so on. Although only five students will be allowed per class, each will receive a complimentary (and empty) gift bag for their attendance. Thanks, iRiver!"

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