Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cabs of Tomorrow

Autoblog - _: "Having just returned from the Big Apple where taxis litter the narrow streets like giant yellow rats, I can appreciate the desire of some New Yorkers to update the aging design of the yellow cab. An exhibit titled “Designing the Taxi: Rethinking New York City’s Movable Public Space,” opened in the city on Nov. 3 and presents some interesting concepts for the cab, some of which could be implemented into the existing fleet of 12,000 Ford Crown Victorias in the next five years. Some of the better proposals include a fishbowl roof that allows passengers to better view the vertical city, a completely closed off driver’s compartment, and a barrier with a monitor that shows the vehicle’s speed, location and estimated arrival time, as well as accepting a passenger’s payment. While you’re reading the linked article, make sure to check out the narrated slide show of one concept, the MiniModal (shown), to see what the future of the yellow cab may look like."

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