Monday, November 28, 2005

Cube World Game Cubes interactive stick figures

Cube World Game Cubes interactive stick figures - Engadget - "Even on a slow day, we probably wouldn’t bring you anymore of those played-out Tamagotchi-style pixelated games, but the Cube World Game Cubes by Radica intrigued us because of their ability to communicate with one another, a la Nintendogs. Little more than an animated stick figure inside a plastic cube, the four Game Cube characters (Slim, Dodger, Scoop, and Whip) each has his own accessory (stick, ball, rope, dog) that he plays with either spontaneously or when one of the three buttons is pushed. The cubes have built-in gyroscopes, so shaking and dropping the toy affects the little man inside, who can end up bouncing around the screen if you’re feeling sadistic. Since this whole affair would get boring after about five minutes, the real draw here is connecting mutliple cubes together and watching the characters “visit” each others’ cubes to play, hug, or fight. Despite the multiplayer fun, we still predict that your $32 buys you approximately one week of entertainment, less if you’re over the age of seven."

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