Sunday, November 13, 2005

Intel PowerBooks and iMacs in January? >

Engadget - "You all know the story; we can’t verify any of this information, but AppleInsider has stressed the reliability of some inside details they have on the supposed Intel-based Apple launches we’re expecting hoping for at MacWorld in January. We think that Intel PowerBooks that soon would be really tight on the production cycle side, but AppleInsider is pretty insistent upon Intel 17 and 20-inchers en route, and also mentioned the real possibility of a 15-inch PowerBook due for February which would supposedly be 20 to 25% thinner and have built-in iSight. No, but that’s not all ladies and gentlemen; among AppleInsider’s inside Apple plans are a 13-inch widescreen iBook and Intel Mac mini due in the Spring, but this is all pretty well ahead of schedule by our estimation, so we’re taking it with a grain of salt"


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