Friday, February 17, 2006

pee-tree by Joanita Herrenknecht

pee-tree by Joanita Herrenknecht: "Today most men tend to swiftly ?go to the corner“ performing their small business, especially in the city. Many men avoid going to the public toilets due to the unpleasant atmosphere, which usually is dark and quite smelly. Because on wildlife hunting-ground men ambitiously love to find an adequate tree for their short basic needs and because in our modern age they tend to substitute these through the ?corners? of our cities, the thought – to bring back the pee-trees – is virtually obtruded. Thus the armoatic malpractice is corrected and a hygenic alternative is provided:

The ?Pee-tree? urinal has the abstracted form and the dimensions of a tree. It’s bright ceramic white is a strong signal and is to be seen from far – making it accessible when in urgent need. The trunk offers a perfect place for messaging, e.g. the common ?I was here? or ?done that? statements, which we all know from Club-toilets. To avoid the odour, the urine is directly flushed down to the underground sewage canal."

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