Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eason Chan: My Best Era (3CD + Bonus Karaoke DVD) DVD

Eason Chan: My Best Era (3CD + Bonus Karaoke DVD) DVD - "Eason Chan remains his status as one of the most popular new generation Canto-pop stars, which was underlined by his phenomenal harvest of numerous music awards in the close of 2005. At the moment he is preparing to kick-off his 2006 Get a Life tour and his brand-new Life Continues album is also due to arrive in the music stores soon. As for those who would like to warm up for Eason's up-coming tour, there's probably no better way than with his 3-CD hit recollection release My Best Era. It includes such memorable tunes like Shall We Talk, 'For Alice' (CD 2 - Track 7), 'Too Few Heartbreaks' (CD 3 - Track 10), and Lonely Christmas among other memorable favorites. What's more, this special edition comes with a bonus DVD that gives all Eason lovers the chance to chant along with their idol as it offers Karaoke subtitles. All things considered, this all-in-one Eason spectacular is sure to keep collectors all over the globe cheering for more!"

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