Wednesday, February 15, 2006

DS web browser and TV tuner announced -

DS web browser and TV tuner announced - Joystiq: "In a press conference scheduled to take place in Japan today, Nintendo announced that a non-firmware web-browser add-on from Opera and a 1Seg Digital TV Tuner add-on will be arriving for the DS in Japan. There's no word yet on bringing these add-ons to the West, though Reggie's hinted at it already.

The Opera software will release in June for roughly $32. Additional items of note include a May Japanese release date for New Super Mario Brothers (helloooo, import), a budget price for Tetris DS, the announcement of several games like Calligraphy Training DS and a cooking title, footage shown from Children of Mana and Xenosaga Episode 1-2, and 'brief talk' concerning games such as Super Robot Wars, Dynasty Warriors, and Winning Eleven Nine (with the latter two titles getting Wi-Fi support).

More photos are available at the DS Advanced page linked via the image above (and the Read link below), as well as from the story on ITmedia and Watch Impress. A brief PR summary on Bloomberg has also been released, but a meaty DS Conference talk with slides (most likely from Satoru Iwata) has been provided on the Japanese Nintendo site here."

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