Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Zune 2.0 gets official

crave: "Microsoft has officially revealed its plans for new 4GB, 8GB, and 80GB Zune MP3 players (the rumormongers nailed this one). The new players are expected out in November, priced at $149, $199, and $249, respectively. The 80GB version is only available in black, but both the 4GB and 8GB versions will be available in black, red, pink, and green. While the news hasn't exactly knocked us off our feet, there are some interesting new features: Wireless sync, Zune Social and Media Center.

On the right you can see last year's Zune. Cosmetically, the new Zune players are smaller and use a new, rubberized control pad.

FF: "Wireless sync, kool~~ Existing Zune users will also be given the new wireless sync feature once the firmware upgrade hits in November~~ Lovely~"

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