Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vodafone introduces first mobile-vending machines in U.K.

Engadget - "Vodafone introduces first mobile-vending machines in U.K. >

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quickphone cellphone vending machineToday Vodafone UK unveiled two new pay-as-you-go cellphone mobile phone vending machines in Manchester. These “Quickphone” kiosks are just the beginning of what Vodafone hopes to become a vending empire across all of Britain, and then, the world! For £30/$53 (payable via cash or chip and pin credit cards), punters will get a fully charged handset and £1 worth of calling credit which can be topped off over the phone, at cash machines, or in shops. Machines will be stocked with three different phone models which will be refreshed monthly reflecting the latest trends. Sounds like the perfect plan to recycle all those soon to be defunct fag machines in English bars and pubs."

?30 but only worth ?1 calling credit??? r they crazy?? why don't use the phonebooth?

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