Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Screen Grabs: BlackBerry Eyed PlayBooks & Monster Beats 2011

Danny Cheng: "Is that new Headphones by Monster Beats in the video too? So nice~~"

Engadget: "Whoulda thunk that the third time we'd see the BlackBerry PlayBook on video, it'd be in the hands of cube-headed dopplegangster Will.I.Shill? Not us, but we're terribly excited to see the 7-inch tablet show off its augmented reality chops in the Black Eyed Peas' latest music video. We're not really sure what alternate reality hijinks turned the musicians into 8-bit portraits nor pixelated their world, but the BEP sure look adorable as Xbox LIVE-friendly avatars. Watch it after the break, or skip to 2:12, 3:16 and 3:54 if you just want to get your tablet on."

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