Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Angry Birds" & Evil Pigs & Peace Treaty = Destruction

Danny Cheng: "Angry Birds and Evil Pig look like the current situation of North and South Korea~"

mashable: "Have you ever wondered why the angry birds and evil pigs from Angry Birds can’t put aside their differences? A new YouTube video helps explain why.

Angry Birds have taken the world by storm. It is the iPhone’s most popular game (no longer the top-grossing one) and hugely popular on Android. For those of you who haven’t played yet, the story focuses around the angry birds trying to reclaim their eggs from the evil pigs.

In this short, two-and-a-half minute video (which is going viral as we speak), the angry birds finally sit down at the negotiating table with the evil pigs to end the struggle, “which has cost millions of innocent people their ability to concentrate in work.” However, things go wrong and not even the negotiator or the Angry Birds (Angry Birds) theme music can keep both sides from engaging in all-out war.

The video was created by Erez Nehederet (Hebrew for “Wonderful Country”), a popular live sketch comedy show in Israel, as part of a promotional campaign for its upcoming season. Originally the video was created in Hebrew, but after a lot of U.S. interest, the video’s creators created the English version that you see here."

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