Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Power assisted Live Luggage ready to "world premier"

LiveLuggage: "Well, well... three years and change have passed since we first told you about power-assisted Live Luggage. Now it's finally coming to market -- at least that's what we think they mean by a June 26th 2008 "world premier." The PA series of checked baggage features a 12V NiMH rechargeable battery pack supplying power to the wheels when the handle is gripped and the bag is tilted. The bags weighs 10.6kg (23-pounds) which is about 3kg (6.6-pounds) more than standard hard luggage, according to the manufacture. The cases are good for about 1.5 miles of assisted travel under a 32kg load. Of interest, the bags are now 2.6kg heavier than the original case which also featured a more powerful (and possibly exploding?) Lithium Ion battery pack capable of 2.5 miles on a single charge. We guess that was the concession made to get, "all the required accreditations and approvals from the global airport authority." At £700 the cases are likely to remain the preserve of business-class passengers, but similar technology could soon become a part of everyday life. Engineers are already looking at using the motors for prams, golf caddies and even shopping trolleys.."

FF: "Yes, HK$10000 for a luggage its a bit pricey, but it's Right here, Right now, it comes with umbrella and powered wheel, so I absolutely want one, hehehe~"

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