Monday, June 23, 2008

Nike Lunaracer | Lunartrainer

Hypebeast: "Nike's insatiable appetite for making things faster and lighter has seen them push the performance envelope time and time again. New for this year was the creation of Lunarfoam, a space age material which offers uncompromising weight and responsiveness relative to Nike's previous most lightweight material, Phylon. Coupled with the weight reducing Flywire material, the Lunaracer has the makings of an incredibly featherweight but highly supportive piece of footwear engineering. When weight is not paramount, the Lunartrainer features a highly breathable mesh upper to get you through the most intense training sessions. Both are available now at"

FF: "Wow, i like the colour as well~"

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Kev said...

I just bought the Nike Lunaracers yesterday and went for my first run in them today. They are AMAZING!! First, they're unbelievably light! Honestly, when you pick them up for the first time it's shocking how light they are. It feels like picking up a paper plate or something.Second, it feels like you're running on pillows in these shoes! VERY soft and cushioned but still very supportive and stable. I love them!!