Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air? wtf? its sucks~

Engadget: "Curious minds need to know -- despite the built-in RAM, the fixed battery, single (and soon to be overworked) USB port, lack of integrated 3G and the lofty HK$15000 starting price point, did you still pull the trigger on a MacBook Air pre-order? We know, it is ridiculously thin, and it is ultra-light, so we're wondering just how many of you ponied up the premium for all that sexiness.

FF: "I don't want a notebook without build in CD-rom drive, and only come with 1 X USB.. i know it can fly in the air, but i don't care, cos I have Nokia N82, I can do even more stuffs with Nokia~ Apple sucks"

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Anonymous said...

Design is great but I rather have the macbook pro. Lack of a CD Drive can be an inconvenience. This is probably a marketing tool for Apple to get more users to use i-tunes to purchase movies. Some say the CD drive is going to be phased out like the floppy but thats rubbish because blue-ray is here.
1 USB port is a joke. My laptop has 2 and its not enough.
Integrated batt sucks especially a normal batt will last for 500 charge cycles. You need to pay apple 128 USD to change a new one. fuk that.