Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hands on with Grand Theft Auto IV

T3: "The guys at CVG have had a play of 2008's most wanted game. And they've given us the skinny. Read all about it here.

After originally being slated for an October 2007 release, GTA IV was delayed until spring, leaving gamers round the world pining for some Liberty City action.

Well, the wait is nearly over and our mates at CVG have been kicking it down at Rockstar's London HQ with the latest version of the game.

They were left wanting when they took it for a spin last year, but now it seems that game is a set to become a stone cold classic.

They say that the framerate is bang on and it looks the nuts. To quote our man: "Niko stands on the waterfront at a dock in Broker. It's the kind of rusty, tramp-ridden area of town you'd expect to find flaming barrels and lots of pigeons and that's exactly what surrounds us here."

It sounds amazing and Rockstar is happy to brag about its achievements. "It's improved in virtually every single way imaginable. When we first showed the game a year ago, we said it was really early - it was the earliest we've ever shown a GTA game. A year later and just three/four months away from release you're looking at a game that's virtually complete."

You can get an even better idea of how the game is set to dominate your life and ruin your relationship by heading over to CVG's monster 4,000 word preview. Just the link below. And check out all the new screens while you're at it too. They're a treat."

FF: "Still waiting, and GTA IV is the most wanted games in PS3"

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