Monday, March 12, 2007

Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

The Bag Snob: "LOL LOL LOL I am laughing so hard I can not type. What am I looking at? This must be a joke! It's a collage of every gross bag Louis Vuitton has ever produced. Looks like an angry salesperson decided to cut up all the ugly bags on the shelves of an LV boutique and to salvage them, the designers made the pieces into one single bag and called it the 'Tribute Patchwork' bag (Tribute to what? Marc's insanity?). You need to make sure your boss is not around before you read the next sentence, as you will either laugh your ass off outloud or scream with disgust. Ready? Coast clear? The price tag is a hefty HK$354,915. Go ahead. You can now laugh or scream. "

FF:" This LV bag is Disgusting "

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Anonymous said...

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