Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Introducing Game 3.0

Keynote on Game 3.0: "Looking for games with customization, collaboration and communication? here we go, Let's introduce Game 3.0

  • Game 1.0, was the age of 2D gaming from the Atari on through to the SNES/Genesis era.

  • Game 2.0, which was the era in which 3D gaming came into fruition from the Saturn/PSX/N64 to the PS2/XBOX/GCN

  • Game 3.0, which now has moved gaming to a global playground thanks to online play and digital distribution

Sony figurehead Phil Harrison has been announced as a keynote speaker for this year's Game Developers Conference. Harrison's speech, entitled Game 3.0: Developing and Creating for the 3rd Age of Video Games, will purportedly define the term Game 3.0 and show how Sony Worldwide Studio will "demonstrate some exclusive insights into its development of products and services that will help define future growth in the video game market"

FF: "Amazing, i have to agree with Phil Harrison from Sony Entertainment, their powerful platform will allow more creativity in the future~ "

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