Friday, October 17, 2008

What's got Hong Kong spooked this Halloween? it's Giordano?

Wall Street Journal: "Clothing retailer Giordano International Ltd.–the Gap of Asia–occasionally releases collections of themed t-shirts, such as ones sold this summer celebrating the Beijing Olympics.

For this Halloween season, Giordano took inspiration from the bloodletting in the world’s financial markets — mixed with a bit of creative misspelling to dodge lawsuits. One shirt features two grim reapers above the name “Layman Brothers,” while another features the logo for AIG with a skull in the place of the I. The most gruesome features the “Merirll Lynch” bull chopped up like a bloody slab of meat.

Says the company in a statement: “Always on the cutting-edge of fashion by way of ‘making a statement’ for the masses, Giordano has incorporated a sense of dark humor in ‘response’ to the current economic state.”

It continues: “Although the financial crisis has affected many negatively, Giordano has chosen a brainy way to lift spirits with ‘Halloween HalloTees’ that are equally stylish, casual and spooky.”

The shirts(See more shirts) go on sale in Hong Kong on Oct. 24, and will cost HK$120 (US$15.47) for as long as supplies last."

FF: "Good job Giordano, but i don't think I will wear this to LKF =_="

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