Sunday, May 13, 2007

YouTube tests in-line advertising

Download Squad: "Google is placing advertisements in the body of a limited number of YouTube videos. The interface is rather interesting, with a small text ad showing up on the bottom of the screen partway through the video.

If you click on the text of the ad, you're taken to the advertiser's site. If you click the play button on the ad, a video commercial pops up inside the same window as the video you're watching. When the commercial ends, your video resumes.

The ads only play when you're watching the video via YouTube. We tried embedding this My Chemical Romance video in a blog post, and the ad didn't show up, which is nice. When you embed clips from other video sites, such as The Onion News Network, you may have to deal with pre-roll ads, which you can't get rid of, and which you don't make any revenue from."

FF: "Money Money Money... which is good... we love videos"

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