Friday, October 20, 2006

New Sony Walkman NW-S706F, NW-S705F, NW-S703F, NW-S605 and NW-S603

I4U News: "Sony introduces two lines of new Network Walkman portable music player in Japan.

The NW-S700F series features noise canceling technology and FM-Tuner. The noise canceling technology uses tiny microphones integrated on the outside of the earbuds. By sending out the noise in the opposite phase surrounding noise is reduced to 1/4 of its original level.

Both new series feature a color OLED display and a cool 50 hour battery life. The top model NW-S706F features 4GB of storage. (NW-S705 - 2GB, NW-S703F - 1GB, NW-S605 - 2GB and NW-S603 - 1GB).

The new Sony Walkman measure Width 87.2× height 27.4× depth 14.9mm. The Sony NW-S700F series starts shipping on October 21st. The NW-S600 goes on sale in November.

More details in this Sony press-release (Japanese). The crew of AkihabaraNews was attending the Sony press conference and published several photos and a video from the event. "

FF: " "High quality Player, with High-end Professional earbuds, a MUST BUY"

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