Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Axbo alarm clock wakes you when you're ready

Axbo alarm clock wakes you when you're ready - Engadget: "Remember the Sleeptracker, the digital watch that could purportedly track your sleep rhythms and wake you only when you're likely to be optimally refreshed (i.e., not when you're in the middle of a deep sleep or heavy-duty REM cycle)? Well, it's got a stylish big brother now, in the form of the aXbo, a sleek alarm clock that communicates wirelessly with a wristband that does basically the same thing as the Sleeptracker: it keeps track of your movements throughout the night, gauging how deeply you're sleeping by how much you're thrashing. You set a window during which it can wake you, and it waits for the right moment within that space. Of course, the aXbo won't help you sleep better, but it could help you wake up feeling a little more refreshed -- if you don't mind shelling out ?200 ($241) for the privilege."

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